4 Delicious Things That You Can Only Taste In Rome

Few world cuisines receive as much attention as Italian, and it is widely beloved. But, as many true foodies will tell you, the real culinary finds are in Rome, and there are some things you simply can’t find anywhere else. Or, they are poor imitations of the real thing. Till everyone can go back to traveling normally again, here are a few things to put on your bucket list of delicious things you must eat when you go to Rome.


Suppli is basically sophisticated finger foods for grown-ups. These delectable snacks are balls of creamy rice mixed with ground meat, tomato sauce, and a piece of mozzarella in the center, all of which is the bread and deep-fried. These are heavy, so they are typically enjoyed with a cold beer. In Rome, they are usually served at delis or pizza shops specialized in takeaway meals. They’re meant to be bought and eaten on the go or served as appetizers at bars. For some reason, it’s hard to find good suppli outside of Rome.


The humble focaccia is actually an exercise in high art when it comes to breadmaking, and taking something fairly simple and transforming it into a source of gastronomical delight by adding quality ingredients. This flatbread is mostly made of yeast, salt, water, and oil. As the ultimate guide at https://thekitchencommunity.org/different-types-of-bread-all-over-the-world/  notes, this food has a rich history, and while you can have it anywhere these days the best by far is still in Rome. There, focaccia will be served usually as a side dish, but with exceptionally high-quality olive oil, and with interesting combinations such as olives, mushrooms, caramelized onions, feta, and so on. 


This is surprisingly one of the few culinary delicacies that are not very well known outside of Italy. But in Rome, maritozzi can be found everywhere. These are small, sweet, yeasted buns people tend to have for breakfast at espresso bars every day. While these pastries are typically sold with a light dusting of sugar, you can also get them with mini chocolate chips, or filled with fresh whipped cream. Needless to say, this is a delicious breakfast to have, but you can also get them at any time of the day if you’re not one to eat such a thing bright and early in the morning! Most espresso bars are open well into the late afternoon in Rome, so it’s easy to pop in for a cappuccino and maritozzi of your choosing.

Salty Fried Artichokes

Yes, you can have artichokes anywhere, but there’s an almost ceremonial element to them in Rome. You can have artichokes deep fried there, or the classic Roman way in which they are stewed with mint, parsley, and garlic. Or, some purists love to have them deep-fried with a dusting of salt. In all cases, they are absolutely delicious. Most restaurants or vendors will pick up beautiful fresh artichokes in front of you, do the hard work of cleaning them, and cook them fresh for you.

While the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, this list can give you a good idea of what to eat next time you’re able to book a flight to Rome. While there are lots of things you should definitely try, these represent some of the more underrated foods that people don’t typically seek out.

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