3 Amazing And Beautiful Italian Cities Forgotten By Tourists

Italy if way more than just Rome, Milan or Venice. In fact, there are a ton of other amazing towns which can offer you equally fascinating history, city’s architecture, fabulous traditional Italian cuisine and a chance to learn what Italy is all about. Moreover, usually those smaller and a bit further away towns are not so full of tourists, meaning that in there you won’t have to fight crowds to get the best view in museums or get cheap hotels. Therefore, today we would love to present you five other, less known Italian towns worth consider visiting! Have fun!



Altamura is not so widely known among tourists, and this is why it belongs on this list. However, that doesn’t mean that his amazing old town doesn’t have something good to offer – if fact, you should come over here, first of all, for some amazingly delicious bread, and second of all, the chance of staying in a hotel established in a real cave! Altamura is also full of its monuments, such as the Romanesque Cathedral, which features ancient medieval walls once used as tombs alongside to a variety of fascinating tumuli (gravestones). Those walls are actually a vital part of the city, and they are also for the city’s name. Built in 500 B.C, the city has also proved to be an outstanding site for fossils, some dating the presence of human settlement around 400,000 B.C.



Chieti is another ancient Italian city in which you can enjoy a lot of different things. Within this fantastic little town, you will find authentic cafés and restaurants dotted among history-filled museums. Here you can also enjoy magnificent castles and architecture in the purview of the Abruzzo Mountains. In addition to the local feel, Chieti offers a broad range of elegant hotels and even spas to keep you refreshed after exploring this amazing city breathing with history and Italian lifestyle.



Aosta is located just nearby the Italian Alps, so the city naturally offers a place of endless breathtaking scenery. Here like at no other place you can enjoy forests, rocks, waterfalls, and lakes, altogether with an amazing ancient architecture of the city reaching into the depths of the mountains. The breathtaking experience will not end with the outside view, as Aosta is also home to the Roman Theatre, established many centuries ago. But here you can also enjoy tours at many other historical cities, amazing churches and palaces which will make you believe that you are living in a fairytale.

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