Alfredo Pirri/Thomas Schütte: Questions?

Meeting Architecture Part II: Architecture and the Creative Process at The British School in Rome

The Italian artist Alfredo Pirri and the German artist Thomas Schütte have been friends for several decades and will discuss their work together for the first time in a public conversation and a study-exhibition Questions?.

Over the years, the two artists have worked extensively on the boundaries between art and architecture and even though many of their aims, cultural differences and modes of expression are diverse, Pirri and Schütte share a common interest in analysing and crossing and indeed demolishing the boundaries.

The study-exhibition Questions? examines the boundaries between art and architecture. At its core will be a series of drawings by Pirri and of digital documentary images of Schütte’s new building.

Alfredo Pirri will present his drawings for the three architectural projects on which he is currently engaged: the Patrizia chapel he has constructed at the Piverone cemetery, near Turin, the project for the Chiesa del Giglio oratory in Palermo in which the artist has designed a “golden cage” structure for a multidisciplinary space, and the refurbishment of the cloister at the MARCA – Museo delle Arti di Catanzaro.

Over the years, Pirri has often concentrated on site specific installations and collaborations with architects. These three new projects, however, expand his role as an artist/architect and show how Pirri, rather than focussing simply on the relevant structures, has developed his own architectural vision of contemporary art and multi disciplinary spaces.

Thomas Schütte, for his part, will document the construction of his new building in the cultural park in Neuss, and will present digital images of the building under construction, derived from his meticulously detailed model Skulpturenhalle (2011). This monumental building, designed to house a collection of his work, also marks a notable change in scale from the artist’s previous buildings. It was undertaken by Schütte himself and will be completed by the summer of 2015.

Architectural structures have been one of the concerns of the German artist, Thomas Schütte, who has been producing architectural models over many decades and has recently started to develop some of these into actual houses. These include: Teehaus (2012), Neuss; Ackermans Tempel (2012), Mallorca; Ferienhaus T (2011), Telfs / Mösern, Austria; One Man House II (2007- 2009), Roanne, France.

Source: BSR

Till 23 May 2015

The British School at Rome

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