Anni Ala

Anni is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Rome last year for some excitement and a change of pace and that is exactly what she found, having living here now for six months. She has started teaching yoga classes at La Casa Internazionale Delle Donne in Trastevere in English. She has lived in India and there she completed her teacher training and has been practicing yoga for now 15 years.

Why Rome and not another city in Italy?

I was transferred here for work but remained after my assignment because I fell in love with the Eternal City! I have been fascinated by art and history. After just a few weeks I realised that people enjoy their lives more, eat better, and definitely have more fun here. I am living la dolce vita!

Do you see yourself living her long term and why? 

Yes, I hope so! For me, Rome is the ideal place to be. So many places I have still yet to explore. Every time I step out the door I find myself smiling and happy to be here. I read a statistic that 80% of American expats that move to Italy end up staying forever – I hope it’s true.

Which area do you live in and why? 

I live in Trastevere. I think it is the most charming area of Rome! There are so many great restaurants, bars and pubs and always a lively social scene. It is definitely a hot spot for hanging out in the evening.

You sound so optimistic and positive about everything – is there anything you don’t like?

I am used to living in a more efficient society and here it seems more relaxed when it comes to getting things done. I have had to adapt to this change of pace. Getting used to transport strikes, shop hours, and certain days some shops don’t open has been inconvenient but it doesn’t outweigh the other things I do like. Right now I am still trying to figure things out. I do know that an Italian ‘un attimo’ or ‘solo 2 minuti’ is not exactly the case.

What is your favorite Italian dish?

I am a vegetarian and I am actually NOT very keen on Italian cuisine and if I do go out I order ‘la pizza’! I cook a lot at home and find the fruit and vegetables at the markets wholesome, fresh and spray-free! Not very original but it is true – everything tastes better here.

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