Archeological Rome Walking Tour 3 Hours

archeological rome and vatican in a day

Private Ancient Rome walking tour


Walking Tour


3 hours from 09:00 AM


In front of Hotel Forum, Via Tor Dè Conti, 25-30, Roma

What You’ll Do on this Tour:

Our walking tours are all led by expert English speaking walking guides who will help to create a personalized experience while taking into account your specific interests. These incredible services enable you to tour with a native guide showing you the real face of the city and sites that they are so passionate about. The tours are available in English or Italian, and are delivered with an insight and style that keeps our tours entertaining, fun, and informative.

Tour Description:

The tour begins at the meeting point listed near the Colosseum.  Here you will meet your walking guide since this point is so central to the sites visited during this tour and maximizes your time with the guide.  Your walking guide will be at your side to help you to understand the history of Rome from 753 B.C. through more than 1,200 years of Roman domination until the fall of Rome in 476 D.C. We will be covering the Monarchy, Republic, and Empire periods during this 3 hour walking tour.

We will start out exploring the main level of Flavian’s Amphitheatre, known all over the world simply as `’the Colosseum”. This structure is today still an important symbol for the Romans standing 50 meters high overlooking you like an old warrior, tired, but still full of pride. Walking next to the Arch of Titus, we will make our way to the Palatino Hill, where Rome was founded 2800 years ago and home to most of the Roman Emperors. The Palatino is considered by the Romans to be the most important of the seven hills.  Just down the hill you will reach the Roman Forum which was the center of any kind of decision-making whether it was financial, religious or politically based. The Roman Forum truly was the heart of the city and the brain of an empire that reached 60,000,000 people in the second century D.C.  Last but not least, you will arrive at the Campidoglio Hill.  It is not just the current seat of the Mayor of Rome but was the most important religious hill in Ancient Rome due to the fact that the temple of the three of the most important gods for the Romans (Minerva, Giove and Giunone) was located here. You will end your tour here with a most a spectacular view of the whole of the Ancient Roman sites you have just covered.

This type of tour is a great choice if you have already had an overview of the city and now want to concentrate more on some of the archaelogical parts of Rome, more in depth and on foot.

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