Arts in Rome – Daily Tour Guides and Art Workshops

Arts in Rome - Rome Art History and Art Workshops

Delve into the artistic history of Rome and produce your own memories by learning the techniques of historical art masters!

What is it that makes Rome, Caput Mundi, the most enticing city on earth? Is it the centuries of history, visible down any street? Is it the multitude of ancient ruins, relics found everywhere of a glorious civilisation long gone? The rich and vibrant art, on walls, within churches, in exquisite palazzi or housed in spectacular museums? The answer is all of the above, and perhaps you could appreciate it all in a unique way, Rome through the eyes of an artist- your own!

Arts in Rome is a Cultural Association, an institution designed for enjoying all the arts this city has to offer, but in a way a little unexpected. Via specialised classes and tours, you could be exploring the best parts of the history of Rome, and record your discoveries, by drawing or painting what you see. During the specialist tours, Art Masters will show you many noteworthy and familiar artists, teaching you their techniques. From sketching to painting, and other historical techniques such as mosaicking and sculpture, you could learn the secrets of the Roman masters from the past.

Arts in Rome - Rome Art History and Art Workshops

As well as the cultural tours and on site lessons, special master classes are held in the studio with the international and renowned professors of Arts in Rome. Choices of courses include one day, one week or ten days.

The one day ‘Sketch at..’ class is held after an informative tour at one of the many museums in Rome (Museo Capitoline, YUM, and more), and includes the Art Master producing a work in pencil.

The one week professional course is held between the studio and within museums, with daily lessons taught from Art Masters and specialised art guides.

For a more intensive experience, join the ten day course for a thorough immersion. These courses are available in your nominated medium, be it oil colour to academic drawing and more. The class is carefully constructed, with mornings spent at museums with your guide, and the classes in the afternoon in the studio with your Art Master. All museum costs are included in the price, and the academy organises all reservations and supplies all materials. For all capabilities interested, there will be something special to be gained by joining any one of these courses. In the one week to ten day courses, provided accommodation situated near to the studio and historic centre is included in the price, with the funky lodgings in ever the popular Trastevere.

So, fancy tapping into your inner Caravaggio, or discovering artistic secrets of successful contemporary art instructors? Arts in Rome can do more than help, they will paint you the way. Find the calendar of events on their website or Facebook page, or simply drop an email to find out how to art-fully experience Rome. Then take with you the memories of Rome, drawn the way you saw them!


Arts in Rome - Rome Art History and Art Workshops

Courses will be held at the Washington University or Accent University in the historical center of Rome (between Campo dei Fiori and Castel Sant’Angelo).

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