August Hotness

You decided to visit Rome during the month of August and now you’re afraid that it wasn’t such a good idea? Don’t worry, Romeing is here to help you out, yes its hot, yes its humid but the “eternal city” wont disappoint you, the nightlife is as rich as ever in August, just follow our advice and you wont be sorry.

The first stop on our list of fun areas to check out is the Gianicolo, The second tallest hill in Rome is located west of the Tiber, behind Trastevere and it is one of the best locations for a breathtaking view of the countless domes and towers that pierce the capital’s skyline, enjoyable both day and night but at night you can also enjoy it with drink. There are two lounges, one called Fontanone Gianicolo, located right next to a beautiful ancient baroque fountain commissioned by Pope Paul V in the 1600’s and the second is about 200 meters away right on the Gianicolo terrace and its called Gianicolo 150. Again, both locations are amazing with their outdoor concept, great views and good drinks, here you feel the modern version of Rome’s “la dolce vita”.

If you want to see something closer to the center we have a few more locations that you might enjoy. The first is a very easy spot where one can relax after walking the streets of Rome all day, located right infront of the Palazaccio (Palace of Justice) in Piazza Cavour, you’ll find this kiosk called TONY, named after its owner, it is literally a small kiosk in the middle of this amazing square, recently renovated, where Romans come for a drink or two, enjoy the buffet and the outdoor seating, best for a pre-dinner get together.

Keep in mind that most of Rome’s good lounges are outdoors in the summer time and you’ll find many of these along the Tiber, many are on the Tiberina Island, near the Jewish ghetto, and others are closer to Castel Sant’Angelo and the previously mentioned Palazaccio, just go for a walk and venture out.

Finally if you want to dance check out club Nice, its open from Wednesday to Saturday (avoid Saturdays) and it is located next to the Stadio dei Marmi (Stadium of the Marbles), a beautiful sport complex built in the 1920, here you can literally dance next to these amazing 5 meters tall statues, dress to impress to get in.

Have a good summer.

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