Bergman 100


Palazzo delle Esposizioni pays tribute to the Swedish filmmaker

As the whole world prepares to celebrate the centenary of Ingmar Bergman’s birthBergman 100 pays tribute to the Swedish filmmaker with a selection of his best-loved films – timeless masterpieces that have marked the history of the cinema and forged the legend of an artist unmatched in the rich complexity of the themes that he addressed and in his tireless exploration of the formal and ethical side of moviemaking. Yet Bergman’s true, and often undervalued, strength lay in his strongly emotional, vibrant and empathetic approach to the cinema; light years away from the cliché of an obscure, intellectual art for the few, his films were open to experiment, playfulness and sensuality. Scorsese hit the nail on the head when he said: “Bergman’s relationship with his audience is not unlike Hitchcock’s: it is direct and immediate.” To provide his fans with a full immersion into this outstanding filmmaker’s world, the retrospective also includes a handful of movies by directors to whom Bergman pointed on more than one occasion in the course of his career as being his favourite filmmakers, including Chaplin, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Murnau, Sjöström and Dreyer – the “guests of honour” at this magnificent birthday party that no true cinephile can afford to miss.

Films screened in 35mm film


From 18 January to 4 March

Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Sala Cinema

Scalinata di via Milano 9 a, Roma

Free Entrance


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