Big Bambu’, Hovering over Testaccio

Free entry… more like free climbing at this larger-than-life installation at the MACRO Testaccio. ‘Big Bambù’, created by two American artists, Mike and Doug Starn, twin brothers, is an installation of thousands of pieces of bamboo connected and interlocked, reaching a height of 25 metres. Made entirely of the solid and flexible bamboo material, it is meant to be a playful construction, showcasing creativity and imagination: organic, alive, and always transforming. ‘Big Bambu’’ welcomes visitors and invites them inside the ‘walls’ of the construction, asking them to climb up and partake in the ever-changing, endless feel of the installation.
The only way to fully appreciate the installation is to get your flat shoes on, and start the ‘hike’ up. Walking up ‘Big Bambu’’ is quite the unique experience, being able to enjoy both the apparent intricacy of the installation, as well as up-high views of Rome through the crossing sticks of bamboo.
It was constructed to commemorate 50 years of Enel in Rome (Italy’s largest power company), but it’s also just plain fun! ‘Big Bambu’’ will remain towering over Testaccio until June 29, 2014.

MACRO Testaccio
Piazza O. Giustiniani, 4
Tue-Sun 4pm-10pm, closed Mondays
Free entry

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