Bohemian Rome

The eternal city can be very confusing with its little streets and dark alleyways, but in some of those alleys you can find some amazing surprises.

One of these is the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, just like the original speakeasies, this ‘private establishment’ is hidden behind a dark door in Vicolo Cellini 30. No sign, no doorman, you have to ring the bell and say the password to get in, once inside, you smile. The entire location is decorated in a prohibition theme; walls, bartenders, waiters, everything in 1920-30s style, including the drinks – if you ask for a vodka lemon they will throw you out. You have to trust the menu and you won’t go wrong. Great for after dinner drinks.

The second spot is Casa Clementina, located in the Monti area at Via Clementina. This is an actual apartment, here too, you ring the doorbell, get in and relax. Every piece of furniture you see is for sale and they are experts in R&B, funk, lounge and indie music.

Stepping a bit further away from the centre, but with the same theme in mind, we visit Coffee Pot on Via Della Lega Lombarda 54, open from 5pm till very late, this location serves everything from tea to tapas, the best nights are usually Wednesdays and Fridays when shows include everything from burlesque to live rock to electro DJ sets with DJ Fabrizietto Capanini.

If you’re around the Colosseo area, we invite you to check out the new Propaganda on Via Claudia 15. This location, unlike the ones mentioned above, is more of a café/restaurant/tea room. Very visible and eye-catchy. The kitchen, open from midday till 2am, is headed by world-renowned chefs Arcangelo Dandini and Stéphane Betmon. This Paris-style bistro is a gem.

Let’s not forget Elefunk, located in the centre at Via degli Acquasparta 27, behind a steel door and down some steps you’ll enter the world of funk, eclectic design, excellent service and great music. Not to be missed, best on weekdays, after dinner.

Last but not least we have the 79’ers at Via Del Pellegrino, a very laid back type lounge, easy listening music with everything from jazz to soul, live shows, open from lunch till 2am. Reasonable prices and again, a very unique style.

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