Casa & Bottega Cocktail Bar

Casa e Bottega cocktail bar

Under the new management of ultra cool Fircy, Casa e Bottega is a trendy cocktail bar located in the lively area of Piazza Navona, but far enough from the tourist bustle that you won’t be overwhelmed. Here, you can enjoy the outdoor seating perfect for summer nights of socializing.

Casa e Bottega cocktail bar

Their aperitivo (6pm-10pm), the of grabbing small bites of food while sipping on a delicious cocktail, offers unique and fun items like the mini hamburgers, while Fircy’s gourmet cocktails the Basil and Las Vegas are a must try.

Casa e Bottega cocktail bar

Casa e Bottega cocktail bar

These cocktails utilize unusual ingredients for cool and refreshing flavors. The small specific details add up to a most memorable experience. An example would be when you order a simple glass of prosecco and they add pomegranate seeds to the drink. As well as the bartenders just being the coolest people around. These details create an environment of exclusivity. If you are looking for an upbeat atmosphere, after 10 pm (Thursday-Saturday) they have a live DJ set that gives the already trendy place an extra kick.

Casa e Bottega cocktail bar


Via di Tor Millina, 34a  (Navona)

Opening time

Tues-Sun 6pm-2am




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