cascinafarsettiArt photography and more…

CascinafarsettiArt 2016

The theme of this present edition, Madness, Instinct, Dream and Imagination is the dutiful tribute to one of the greatest and most mind–blowing literary creation of all times.
The event “cascinafarsettiArt photography and more…” promoted by the Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams has reached the 8th edition, being again, according to costume, an important occasion for prominent authors and emerging talents to meet and debate.
The present edition is born from the collaboration with Istituto Cervantes Roma, Scuola Romana dei Fumetti and Accademia di Cinema e Televisione Griffith.
Numerous will be the artworks and the authors presented.
Guest of honour is the Polish photographer Kasia Derwinska with her dreamlike and imaginary pictures.

CascinafarsettiArt 2016
Do not open closed doors – Kasia Derwinska

Works will be shown of: Mario Di Lorenzo, Silvia Agostini, Sara Aguzzoni, Loredana Bardas, Filiberto Galli, Roberta Marsigli, Leonardo Perri, Antonio Perrone, Souheila Soula, the little Riccardo, Emanuela Rizzo, Alessio Vissani.
Exhibit the street art works: Gianni Di Carlo, Andrea Gandini
There will be a screening of the works by: Gaia Adducchio, Fabio Ferri, Alessandro Fiaschetti, Danila Labia, Andrea Pellegrini, Agnese Samà, Guglielmo Romano Schiavella, Cecilia Signorini.
Video projections of: Franco Bianchi, Jessica Tosi.
Pictures of the final selection of the photographic contest “No other limit, but the sky…” will be shown, while a jury of experts will announce the winner during the event.
The contest is promoted by: Creative Art Contest.
The works of the students of the Liceo Classico Statale Luciano Manara will be projected.
Everyday there will be meetings, seminars and workshops.

See the full programme here:

22 – 27 settembre 2016

Varco – Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 1 (Pigneto)

opening: 22 September from 6.30pm

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