Chelsea Como

It’s always fascinating to hear how Rome seduces foreigners who come from environments and cultures so markedly different and we’d have to say that this girl’s hometown of Miami, Florida is about as far from the Eternal City as one can get! The lovely singer/songwriter Chelsea Como does jazz, soul and R&B gigs at local jazz clubs in Rome and is also recording with producers here. She’s currently studying at Saint Louis College of Music and has lived in Rome for five months. But what makes an R&B singer from the tropical shores of Miami decide to throw it all in and run away to Italy?

What made you decide to move to this city?
After visiting Rome in 2010 I fell in love with Rome because of its fast paced but very friendly people, mouthwatering food, wonderful culture, and ancient ruins (history) mixed with modern technology and transportation. I felt like I had walked into another time but with locals speaking on their cell phones and zooming around on motorbikes! The innovative blend of old and new captured my attention and my heart. After singing in Villa Borghese I started to brainstorm a plan to live in Rome and here I am!

How have you adapted to life here and how different is it from your hometown?
Life in Rome is faster than Miami but I have adjusted and realize that the Roman people work hard and play hard!

What is your favorite place in Rome?
One of my favorite places in Rome is Piazza Navona because of the artistic and magical atmosphere found there. From day to day one can experience musicians playing, break dancers, and local artists displaying their pieces. I always feel inspired and at peace as I walk around Piazza Navona with a gelato and peoplewatch.

How has your love life been treating you since you moved here?
Italian men love me (lol) but I haven’t met the right one.

What advice would you offer to new expats living in Rome?
I would recommend that expats join a social group where they can meet other expats new to Rome and practice their Italian with native speakers like Expats Living In Rome. Enjoy the city and culture and take it one day at a time.Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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