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Chorde 2014

For its third year Chorde “Suoni tra cielo e terra” is changing it up. This year’s festival will be held over 5 consecutive days, from January 28 to February 1st, 2014 but as ever the aim of the project is to explore the need to desecrate the shrine of the contemporary and explore the evolution of the artist.

The 2014 program focuses on genre-bending pieces from musicians with varied backgrounds but all with the same need to experiment with extreme sounds and musical instruments. The audience will have a unique experience in the atmosphere of the Methodist Church of Rome.

The real purpose of “Chorde” is the same: to create an anomaly in the folds of the sacred and profane that is disseminated through atypical musical paths and extends from the heart of the artists to the soul of the audience.

Five strings alongside a piano, acoustic and electric guitars that blend together, unravel into electronic sound, float in intimate and mystical space, and intersect with the accelerated time of the contemporary viewer. Five vibrations that go the distance between earth and sky.

Concert schedules:

Unicum_sitoTuesday 28th of January – 9pm:


ROY PACI (trumpet, flugelhorn and electronics), THURSTON MOORE (guitar), ANDY MOOR (electronics), YANNIS KYRIAKIDES (baritone guitar)

Roy Paci, Thurston Moore, Yannis Kyriakides and Andy Moor are four musicians well-known for their rare improvisational and avant-garde skills and Unicum is a one-night-only experiment created only for Chorde. The musical endeavor in Unicum is to recreate “la mandorla mistica” which symbolically represents the fusion between the two dimensions of being, “hic et nunc” (here and now) as the only way to truly express ourselves. Four extraordinary personalities from different countries and different musical backgrounds, will blend together to go on a cryptic but immediate journey with their audience. A remarkable concert that will simultaneously separate and connect the mystical sound horizons.

Tickets 15€


Cloud-Boat-pic Wednesday 29th of January – 9pm: 


Occupying the nocturnal space between the poignant maximalism of Tim Buckley and the codeine beats of Mount Kimbie, Cloud Boat – aka British duo Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke – bring a gorgeously original and soulful new slant to electronica like the messenger of a touching and charming  soul. The sound of Cloud Boat is a romantic and delicate electronic pop and is an intimate affair: a beautifully sustained exercise in mood and tension, a spiral of “radiant digressions up-tempo and leaden expanses of mud.” It is a mix of melancholy melodies, mythological allusion and expert percussions. The duo has  been  widely praised by critics who have been naming them among the year’s most accomplished debuts. In June 2013 the group released their acclaimed debut album “Book of Hours” with the prestigious label R&S/Apollo.

Tickets 15€


HauschkaThursday 30th of January – 9pm: 


Hauschka (aka Volker Bertelmann) is a leading  composer and  pianist  of the new, German musical scene. In  Chorde we will  hear the preview of his new album, Abandoned City, that will be released on March 17th. Following his classical education, Hauschka  explored the possibilities of a prepared piano by wedging pieces of leather, felt or rubber between the piano strings, wrapping aluminium foil around the hammers, and placing small objects like ping-pong balls on the strings. He’s even joined them together with guitar strings and adhesive tape. This experiment allows him to get a wider sound range, conferring to the instrument a sophisticated percussive and hypnotic value.  Hauschka moves between academic research and contemporary rhythms of new-jazz, creating a sort of electronic “noise” of impact. Abandoned City was recorded at Hauschka’s home studio in only 10 days. According to the press release, the set manages to “awaken the loneliness and unattainable romance of timeless, unfamiliar places,” through the use of “bright cheerful keyboard patterns and dark percussive touches.”

Tickets 15€


emptyset---Press-Shot-ChordeFriday 31st of January – 9pm:


Chorde is pleased to  welcome the dark side of electronic minimalism with Emptyset, a very special Bristol based duo formed in 2005.  Emptyset is James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas’s experimental electronic music project, released in three LPs in three years with the new label Raster Noton: Retur (2013), Collapsed (2012) and Demiurge (2011). Working across performance, installation and the moving image, the project examines the physical properties of sound through electromagnetism, architecture and process based image making. However, acoustic exploration is the leading element of the duo’s aesthetics. It’s a religion to be practiced with inflexible observance. Their sound is made with metallic clangs, “glacial and black synthetic carpets” like intermittent pulses ripped from the bowels of the earth. It’s a music for neurons that mocks the most immediate sensory perception, offering in return a visceral listening as from the abyss whence they have torn their sound.

Tickets 15€


Blixa-Bargeld-Teho-ChordeSaturday 1st of February – 9pm: 


One is Italian composer and sound designer Teho Teardo, well known for the composition of movie sound tracks for popular directors such as  Salvatores, Sorrentino, Molaioli, Vicari and many others. The other is Blixa Bargeld,  leader of Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Their extraordinary fusion began in 2009 during the realization of  the theatre pièce INGURIA,  and strengthened with the release of the album  Still Smiling in 2013. Teho e Blixa interact in symbiosis: Blixa’s deep and powerful voice realizes visionary lyrics sung in English, German and Italian. The music is sublimated by the original use of strings and electronic experimentation. Thanks to the experience of Teho,  the result is emotionally moving. During many trips between two European capitals Theo and Blixa developed their ideas and intentions. The result is a series of personal and observational sketches of a disquieting world. Their music is a  special vision that covers all the sky between Rome and Berlin, daytime and night. During Chorde the duo will present their new italian LP.

Tickets 20€

Where and When

28th January – 1th February 2014
Chiesa Evangelica Metodista
Via XX Settembre (corner Via Firenze)



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