Claudia, Romanian

How long have you lived in Italy?
Five years and still counting.

One word to sum up the dating experience in Rome?

Can you describe the worst date you’ve ever had here?
Not really, I was lucky to go on great dates. Italian men like to show (and show off) the best places to any foreign girl.

And the best date so far?
Dinner followed by Live Jazz at Gregory’s.

Do Italians go Dutch or does a gentleman pay for a girl’s meal here?
They are gentlemen.

What is the pick-up line you hear most often in Rome?
“Wow! Your Italian is great! I don’t know many Italians that speak as well as you do.”

Are the Italians more passionate than Anglosaxons or this just the stereotype?
Yes, they are but they are also less reliable.

Is the dating culture easier than back home or harder?
Easier, we state that we’re in a relationship after one week, even if it could only last for two weeks. There is no ‘ci frequentiamo’, it’s all clear after the first two to three dates.

Your favourite bar/discoteca to flirt in Rome?
Bar della Pace.

Your favourite restaurant for a dinner date?
Vivi bistrot in Villa Pamphili.


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