The Clothing of Dreams Exhibition at Palazzo Braschi

Clothing of Dreams Palazzo Braschi

The Italian School Of Costume Designers For Film

A magnificent exhibition about the artists that have contributed to great Italian and International cinema, “The Clothing of Dreams” features over 100 original outfits, dozens of sketches and a selection of pieces tell us the story of the Italian School of Costume over the last century.

Clothing of Dreams Palazzo Braschi

Through the whole first floor of Palazzo Braschi, in more then 10 rooms, follow the chronological span of century of the Italian school of costume through stages marked by the costume designers Caramba, Vittorio Ninno Novarese, Gino Carlo Sensani, Piero Gherardi, and Maria de Matteis. Enjoy the most famous works of Oscars winners: Piero Tosi (for his personal achievements, in 2013) and Danilo Donati (for Romeo & Giulietta by Zeffirelli) and for Casanova by Fellini and many more.

Clothing of Dreams Palazzo Braschi

The exhibition puts particular emphasis on the contributions the school has made that are still recognizable today and are a testament to the force and unique signature of the Italian school of costume. The lighting and arrangement of the show are inspired by the pictures from Palazzo Braschi and perfectly harmonize with the costumes. While projections of the most famous Italian films such as Satyricon by Federico Fellini play, the marvellous costumes by Danilo Donati displayed next to you make you feel like a part of this wonderful creativity.

Till 22 March 2015

Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi

Piazza Navona, 2 – Piazza San Pantaleo, 10

Tue-Sun 10am-7pm

Entry Fee €8-11


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