Digital Life: Play

Fifth Edition of RomaEuropa’s Digital Life
PietroPirelli_arpa di luce_Photo Jacopo Manghi

Till the end of November, La Pelanda at the MACRO TESTACCIO will be transformed into a digital music and sound installation as it hosts the Fifth Edition of RomaEuropa’s Digital Life. The theme this year is “PLAY” and the exhibit’s 10 sound installations- many of them interactive, do more than that. Through movement and hands-on participation, spectators are invited to play some of the instrumental sculptures and become the composers of new contemporary sounds.

Fifth Edition of RomaEuropa’s Digital Life
Druta_Vaeceslav_La balançoire_2004

Among some of the most interactive pieces- are Veaceslav Druta’s “Balançoir,” a giant swing-set that viewers rock back and forth in to create a tune; Léonore Mercier’s “La Damassama” in which an orchestra of Tibetan Bells is conducted by spectators’ movements; and Pietro Pirelli’s and Gianpietro Grossi’s contemporary and stunning take on a classic instrument in their installation “Harp of Light.” Suspended above viewers, the harp consists of eleven, 25 meter green laser beams, and can be played by audience members by swinging a pendulum through the harp’s strings.


Fifth Edition of RomaEuropa’s Digital Life
Andrè & Michel Decoster_Cycloid-esine-1 ©Xavier Voirol

Other pieces direct attention to social or political issues such as Heewon Lee’s “108,” which types out the personal narratives of abandoned and orphaned children using 108 digitally activated carillons.

The innovative instruments and sounds featured in the exhibition provide viewers with an unparalleled glimpse into a new realm of digital music and art as well as with the rare opportunity to play the role of conductor.

Fifth Edition of RomaEuropa’s Digital Life
Leonore_Mercier_ Damassama

Till 30 November

Digital Life:PLAY


Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

4-10pm; Entry Fee €7

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