Discovering The Scala Santa

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ up the Scala Santa

Each year, thousands of pilgrims flock to this chapel located in the San Giovanni area in order to experience the feeling of walking in Jesus Christ’s footsteps. The Holy Staircase consists of 28 marble steps that are said to be the stairs Christ ascended on his way to trial before Pontius Pilate. Legend has it that the stairs were brought from Jerusalem to Rome in the fourth century by St. Helena. The marble steps are now protected by wooden steps and situated on the first floor of the building. The Scala Santa (Holy Stairs) starts from a lobby decorated with frescoes on the walls and ceiling, featuring stories of the Old and New Testament. Devout pilgrims climb the steps on their knees while praying. On the steps, there are holes cut through above marks that are said to be Jesus’ blood. Once up the Holy Stairs, you can catch a glimpse into the Sancta Sanctorium, a small but lavish chapel reported to be the personal oratory belonging to the early popes of the Lateran Palace.


Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, 14

Opening time

6.15am-12pm; 3pm-6pm
6.15am-12pm; 3.30pm-6.30pm


Tel. 06.7726641

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