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Rome’s new late night cocktail and drink service delivers

We’ve all been there… the clock strikes 10 pm and you’re hanging out with some friends in a piazza, enjoying the balmy summer night, when all of a sudden the bottle of beer / glass of wine (or both) you’re holding makes you the target of carabineiri milling around.

The carabinieri kindly inform you that drinking alcoholic beverages out of glass containers is prohibited in public spaces or on public transportation from 10pm to 7am.


Wait what?

That’s right, there is a new ordinanza in effect, and it’s cracking down on outdoor drinking.

You go back to the bar and ask for a plastic cup to put your beer in- you won’t be dissuaded, not that easily. The bartender might give you a cup for your unfinished beer, but if you were planning on going back for round two, think again. From midnight- 7am selling cocktails or drinks to “take-away” is also prohibited.


It gets worse…

From midnight until 7am you cannot consume alcoholic beverages in a public space (streets, piazzas) or on public transportation. And, here’s the kicker: from 2am to 7am restaurants and bars are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.

So far it looks like the new ordinanza has the winning advantage: you can’t drink in the street anymore and the tiny bar where you bought your now warm beer is hot and cramped. You’re not ready for the night to end, but you can’t stay there……


Who you gonna call?

Relax, this is still Rome, you can get around almost every law, rule, red light etc. so it should come as no surprise that a solution has already presented itself.

drink delivery roma

Your new late night bar is called Drink Delivery and the bartender makes house calls.

Drink Delivery Rome is exactly what it sounds like, a drink delivery service, but with the kind of alcohol selection you would find at a liquor store or expansive bar. From cocktail kits that include all the necessary ingredients such as, Negroni, Aperol Spritz, Mojito, Tequila and Lemon shots, to serious artisanal beers, spirits (grappa, whiskey, vodka, rum, jagermeister, gin) and last but not least, wine, Drink Delivery provides a sweet booze-filled solution to your late-night ordinanza woes. You can also order non-alcoholic sodas and juices, as well as snacks such as taralli and chips. Check out the website www.drinkdelivery.it for the full list of beverages, kits and snacks available.

The price of the drinks is reasonable, for example:

– PUNK IPA €3,2

– PERONI €2,5


– KIT MOJITO €35 (1 bottle of Havana Club included!)


Drink Delivery is open until 4am and will deliver your order straight to your home within 30 minutes. Just pick your poison, fill a cart on their website and place your order, or call the number, and pay by card or cash at the time of delivery.

So give Drink Delivery a call, because the biggest dilemma you face after 10pm shouldn’t be based on glass or plastic, it should be cocktail or shot.


Drink Delivery Rome

Home Delivery 6pm-4am (CLOSED FROM 9 TO 20 AUGUST)

06 89327630





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