Moving to and from Rome

eurosender Shipping packages to and from Rome made easy

Shipping packages to and from Rome made easy

Are you one of the lucky ones to move to Rome? We bet you cannot wait to be romeing around, sipping on un caffè at one of the local bars. Or maybe, sadly enough, it will be your time to leave soon – we know the feeling. Either way, it will be that time again – time to pack your things and go.


But what to bring? Depending on how far your new home will be, it can be pretty pricey and inconvenient to drag your belongings with you. This is especially true if you don’t have the luxury of moving your stuff by car and are stuck with expensive airline fees and limitations. Maybe you’ve even considered shipping the majority or the rest of your belongings, clever but complicated. Finding a company that can ship from your location for a reasonable price can be pretty challenging, right?

What if we told you there’s a platform that does this work for you?

It’s called Eurosender and it is the leading European booking engine for ordering door-to-door shipping services for various items including luggage, suitcases and pallets. They can arrange shipments from basically anywhere in Europe to any type of accommodation, from apartments to hostels. The best part is yet to come because if you book through Eurosender you can benefit from up to 70% lower prices than booking directly through a shipping company.

Shipping made simple – book your shipment through an online form, get your package ready and hand it over to the courier company, door-to-door. No need to drag your luggage over the cobblestoned streets of Rome. That’s how easy it is. It takes less than 3 minutes!

The starting price is as little as €17.99 and you can get an even lower price when using this discount code ROMEING10.

You can review all possible destinations on the online booking engine on their website. Through this engine you can also see how cheap it will be for you to send your luggage through immediate quotes. Shipments are automatically insured for up to €200 with the possibility to purchase additional insurance if you like.

No need to hassle with a language barrier by using Poste Italiane – Eurosender speaks your language. You can contact them either via phone or email. For more information you can also have a look at their frequently asked questions on their Website, or have a look at their Blog. So, whether it’s Hello or Goodbye, just ship your luggage with Eurosender – simple, quick and reliable.



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