Mia Milan

This month’s straniera is Italo/Australian singer/songwriter Mia Milan, winner of ‘Voice on’ festival ‘Una voce per Roma’ at Teatro Centrale and finalist of the TV program Amici.

I’m living the dream I’ve always wanted to live

Why did you choose to move to Rome and how long have you been here?

My grandparents immigrated to Australia from Tuscany after the Second World War in the ’60s and from my earliest memories I listened to Italian radio, watched Italian TV and sang Italian songs with my grandparents! After years of performing in Australia, this year I decided to make the move to Rome to continue my career in Italy. I have now been here for five months yet it feels like I’ve been here all my life!

What’s the one thing that surprised you that you didn’t expect about Italy or Italians?

To be honest nothing has surprised me about Italy or Italians! Being here has just confirmed my love for Italy and the people. I’m living the dream I’ve always wanted to live and the Roman people are as wonderful as I had pictured them to be, the sense of family and friendship is so evident here and they live every day in the moment.

What is your favourite hang out place in Rome?

There are so many special places but I particularly love walking along Via Appia Nuova in San Giovanni and of course sitting at Piazza del Popolo watching people go by!

What is your favourite dish to eat in Rome?

I love all Italian food, but I especially love gnocchi and dolci!

What advice would you give other expats making the move?

If it’s something you really want then you can do anything! Moving to a new place comes with its fair share of difficulties but you have nothing to lose! Moving to Rome has been the best decision I’ve ever made… and what a wonderful place to live!

Being a singer, what is your opinion of the music style here?

The music here is wonderful, lots of different styles and opportunities for young musicians. Clubs, theatres, television, radio – there is such a wide selection of music and in Rome you can perform to such appreciative audiences!

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