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ONEMYFI portable wifi hostpost in Rome and Italy

ONEMYFI, on-the-go internet access

ONEMYFI. A new portable device which is taking the Italian tourism market by storm and helping adventurous travellers stay connected. Rich in history, bathed in architectural glory, and brimming with mouth-watering cuisine, Italy is unquestionably a top tourist destination. However, for the internet gurus who simply cannot live without a Netflix/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook/ Instagram fix, wifi in Italy is no figurative ‘walk in the park’. Well, with ONEMYFI, on-the-go internet access has never been so easy.

ONEMYFI - wi-fi in Italy

ONEMYFI is a pocket-sized router with a 4G+/LTE which can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Easy, useful, and quick, ONEMYFI is set to be a favourite travel companion this summer and is certain to have everyone proclaiming ‘grazie mille’!

Why not make the most of your exciting visit to the eternal city, and improve the ease and efficiency of your escapade with this technologically savvy device! Already set and ready to use, you can enjoy full-speed connection thanks to Vodafone’s Network. Trustworthy, powerful, and with unlimited traffic, ONEMYFI guarantees connection even in places slightly off the touristic beaten track. So if you fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome, and seek a remote beach side retreat, fear not, your Wifi connection is coming along for the ride too! But that is not all, with ONEMYFI, customers also have the opportunity to connect up to 10 different devices, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your friends and family out of the surfing fun. Ooh and did we forget to mention it’s cost-effective? From 4 euro per day you can avoid hefty roaming charges, and spend your saved funds on Italian gastronomic indulgences.





So, why ONEMYFI? With all the grandeur of Rome and so much at your disposal, who has time to get lost and trawl through confusing maps, or even worse, ask for directions in broken Italian? With ONEMYFI, you can discover all this city has to offer through some simple ‘googling’ right from the palm of your hand. Discover vital touristic information, unmissable monuments, and first class art destinations. Outside of the universally known Vatican museum, Rome is also home to a range of small-scale galleries showcasing the ongoing artistic culture that has kept Rome’s creative flame burning bright. With ONEMYFI, you can be sure to keep informed on the go, and discover more about each exciting place you stumble upon. While part of Rome’s charm is traversing the many cobbled streets and getting lost amidst an outwardly appealing array of typical osterias, many tourist food traps are peppered across the charm. With ONEMYFI, you can find the perfect restaurant to cater to any taste, and truly benefit from la cucina Romana on-the-go. No one ever said Rome’s public transportation was a carefree experience, but with ONEMYFI, you can at least garner some control over what seems like a rather out of control service. Search train schedules, metro services, and bus timetables all with a simple click from your trusted device.

So, can’t wait to get your ONEMYFI in the palm of your hands? Well, it’s never been so easy.


Book your device, choose the rental period, pay with your credit card or Paypal.


In Rome, this can be done at either Fiumicino airport or at several others ONEMYFI locations around the city. Better yet, customers can also have the dream device delivered directly to their chosen hotel/apartment or BnB.


Return the Hotspot anywhere in Italy using the powerfull ONEMYFI logistics

Rome is a city where one is certain to experience many emotions: awe, astonishment, satisfaction, just to name a few. However, frustration may also be a given due to some of the city’s chaotic faces. So why not plan a seamless adventure in this splendid city with the ease and efficiency afforded by 2019 hottest gadget, THE ONEMYFI. Enjoy amici!

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