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Corn is an ancient type of food, its roots stretching all the way back into the New World, with Aztecs and Native Americans using it as decoration and for cooking. Nowadays it is better known in its more modern shape, associated with blockbuster movies and sofa nights: popcorn. If you thought you knew it inside out, a visit to the FOL popcorn shop near Piazza del Popolo will send you back to school.

folpopcornAvailable in sweet or savoury variations, the divine air popped grain comes in 20 different flavours, including Caramel, Cappuccino, Spicy Nduja from Calabria, After Eight (for a taste of Britishness), Arrabbiata, Pizza, Cheese, Almond, Choconut and many more. In the middle of the recent economic crisis, a group of friends decided to turn a pop culture myth into a quality product, reinventing its very own nature to transform it into a gourmet experience. Creativity and a visionary mind were key in designing this new concept and brand (FOL comes from Turin dialect for “crazy”), which surely brings a touch of diversity to the Roman food scene.

Try a cone of bacon popcorn (€ 2,00), grab a take away bag (medium € 4,00, large € 5,00), or order a bucket (special offer including 2 drinks for € 15,00) for a party with friends. Christmas and Valentine’s Day gift boxes are on the way too, so pop in to find a truly unique present this year.


Via di Ripetta, 28 (Piazza del Popolo/Spagna)

Every day from 11am to 8pm

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