GENESIS. Photographs at Museo Ara Pacis

GENESIS. Photographs at Museo Ara Pacis

In the Beginning…

Left and right, this photography exhibit will have you doing double takes. What seems to be a mountain, is really a massive herd of wild animals and what looks like a lake, turns out to be the tail of an iguana. The idea behind ‘Genesis‘ is simple. It’s an ode to Planet Earth, as seen through powerful black and white photographs. From the majestic beauty of Mother Nature to indigenous communities that live with whatever nature provides.
The artist, Sebastião Salgado, took his time with this one. For years he traveled all over the world photographing landscapes that are untouched, so to speak. No human activity and no contamination –just nature as it is. So, besides all the impressive photographs, you get to do some imaginary travelling to the Amazons, Ecuador, Russia, Alaska, Indonesia and Africa.

The exhibit is divided into five categories: The South, The Shrines of Nature, Africa, The Far North, The Amazon and The Pantanal. Take your pick, but really all the pictures are very striking. If you want to give your ‘travelling cred’ a few extra points, I recommend stopping by the gift shop…

Museo dell’Ara Pacis

Lungotevere, corner of via Tomacelli

Tue-Sun 9am-7pm; Monday closed

Entry fee: €10

Till 15 September

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