How to best get immersed in Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy?

What? You didn’t fall in love with Rome? #romeing

Rome is probably the most romantic city and it is so very dynamic and vibrant with loads of things on offer. While in Rome, you need not worry about sightseeing or locations as the environment and the mood will make you spend some close moments with your partner that will create cherishable memories forever. However, there are some other significant locations to visit, things to do, food to try and other subsidiary activities that you just cannot miss, while you are touring Rome. Let’s start with some of the beautiful places to visit in Rome-

Top attractions in the city of Rome-

  1. Colosseum

The Colosseum is a beautiful amphitheater kind of setup, that has a unique and beautiful structure. The Colosseum has a tiered seating arrangement, which was for audiences that had the visual treat of gladiators bracing against the wild animals. It also used to be a stage for gladiators to fight amongst themselves and has a great historical importance. The entry fee (about €12) to this place is also not that high and the best time duration to visit this place would be any time in the morning (after 8.30 am local time) to about an hour before the sunset.

  1. Museo e Galleria Borghese

If you are fascinated by art, or if art museum is one of the attractions you had rather not like to skip, then Museo e Galleria Borghese must be the one for you. In fact, if you had to visit anything relating to art, museum or archaeological beauty, picture galleries, etc., then this must be your first choice. The museum from outside looks so beautiful and artistic and each part of the museum doesn’t disappoint. From the décor to the interiors, everything is so fascinating and lovely.

The entry fee (about €15) is like the Colosseum, quite affordable, but considering the rush, visitors are allowed at an interval of an hour or two. Hence, it is best advised to pre-book your ticket online to avoid wasting time in queues.

  1. Pantheon

If you are religious and love historical monuments, this is an amazing place to be. The temple converted to a Church has a beautiful history. It is one of the best-preserved monuments in Rome’s history. The Church is said to be over 200 decades old, yeah about 2,000 years. Being at the Pantheon, its maintenance and the lovely dome, which is the largest dome with unreinforced concrete, is mesmerizing. Studying archaeology of this building especially regarding draining out of rainwater through invisible holes and dome structure, etc., is a very interesting and exciting topic.

The price for visiting this is very minimal up to €2 and is accessible between 8.30 am to 7.15 pm on all days except Sundays. On Sundays, it is open between 9.00 am to 5.45 pm.

  1. Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums is just a large gallery that houses paintings, artistic collections, amazing architecture, from Egyptian mummies to the historical greats of Rome. The 7-kilometer-long stretch of halls and corridors at Vatican Museums can easily keep you occupied for over a couple of hours. The entry fee to this place is €17 and it is open between 9 am to 6 pm on all days except Sunday. It is open 9 am to 2 pm on Sundays. However, the entry for the museum closes 2 hours prior the closing time, which means you cannot access the museum beyond 4 pm for all days except Sunday and 12 noon on Sundays.

Also, an important thing to note would be with respect to a museum guide. Some exhibitions are labeled well however, many are not appropriately labeled for better understanding. In case you like to know the art and history more closely, a €7 (approximate figure) worth audio guide on hire can be a good option. You can also buy the audio guide for approximately double the price i.e., €14.

  1. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest Churches in Italy. It is also one of the wealthiest and beautiful Churches in the world. The interiors are so rich and lavish, the spectacular flow of art, which are nothing less than masterpieces across the Church in the interiors and outside. The spectacular church can be visited between 7 am to 7 pm during the summers and between 7 am to 6.30 pm during the winters. One thing to note before visiting the church is your dress code. The church follows a strict dress code and miniskirts, sleeveless dresses, shorts, etc., are strictly restricted. Reach there well groomed and well dressed. There isn’t any entry fee for St. Peter’s Basilica too.

  1. Capitoline Museums

Dating back to the 14th century, the museum has a history starting 1471. It is over 500 years old not quite 2,000 years yet as discussed before with Pantheon the temple converted Church. It has an amazing picture gallery constructed by some famous artists. There are two floors basically the first floor is dedicated to some mesmerizing sculptures, and the second floor is dedicated to picture galleries. The price for the ticket ranges between €9.50-€11. It can be higher when some temporary exhibitions are available for viewership. The museum is accessible between 9.30 am to 7.30 pm on all days. However, the entry is closed after 6.30 pm.

  1. Via Appia Antica

If you are looking for some adventure, me time, relaxing time with your partner, Via Appia Antica has got to be one of the best places in Rome. It has a lot of greenery with tall pine trees surrounding large areas, garden area, where you have some outdoor sports like biking, walking, running around with kids or your better half, take a lot of selfies amongst the scenic backgrounds, enjoy the overall vintage setup. This is a true place where you could spend some peaceful time with your loved one and let the better half know how much you love him/her. There is so much to explore here that it can easily occupy half your day.

You get rented bicycles to explore such a huge layout filled with greenery and they offer a helmet, lock and maps, all costing about €1.5 for rent. You can also book a guided bike tour or foot tour or a tour using the electric cart that we usually see in Golf fields. Those, of course, will be a costlier option. Arriving here in the morning would be great as you might want to spend your entire day here and learn about the dark history of this place and a lot more. In case, you have a short trip and would like to visit other attractions too, then plan to visit here by 2.00 pm so, you can tour this lovely place for about 3-4 hours before its closure.

Treat yourself to some classy Italian food

We list some restaurants below about five of them, with an approximate budget for 2 people and type of cuisine and highlights. Don’t get annoyed if the food comes to your table a few minutes late, because the food in Rome is not only delicious but has the warmth of love in it. In case, it takes too long, hop online for casino games and make your luck pay for your romantic dinner in the Rome!

  1. Colline Emiliane

This place is known for its Italian cuisine and home-like service. It has its presence in three premiere locations and is one of the most popular dining chains in Rome. Meals here could cost between €80-€90 for a couple.

  1. Pianostrada

This Italian restaurant has vintage furniture and is located at one of the most beautiful locations. The cuisine available here is very new, updated as per season, availability of veg options is one of the biggest advantages. The restaurant is full of people during the weekdays too. Weekends, it can be hard to reserve a table too. Always suggest making an advanced reservation when visiting Pianostrada. Meals here could cost about €80 for a couple.

  1. Pizzarium and Sbanco

These are famous pizza outlets in Italy and the variety and taste of pizza will make you disown the famous brands of Dominos, Pizza Hut, and others. The taste at Pizzarium and Sbanco is just amazing. Many people who have once been here were having 3-time meals at Pizzarium or Sbanco as they just couldn’t end up trying all stuff on offer. They have a presence in 5 famous localities of Rome. It would typically cost €20-25 for a pizza here and are one of the most affordable food outlets in Rome.

  1. Fiaschetteria Beltramme

If you are searching for the best wine and fine dining experience, your search ends here. There isn’t a big menu to confuse you here. A short menu with some classical wine options that will help you have one of the best dining experiences in Rome. The menu is unchanged since the era of the 1930s. So, you are bound to savor yourself with some delicious traditional Italian cuisine.

This was initially a wine bar which started way back in the year 1886. A meal here for a couple could cost anywhere between €70-€80. So, its quite affordable on the pocket too. To your surprise, you might also find some new and creative choices in the menu alongside the traditional and classical menu offerings.

  1. Panella

Panella is an amazing bakery in the Rome that has a presence in 3 places of Rome, Monti, Esquliono and San Lorenzo. Amazing ambiance, you will enjoy this place even if you visit this place alone. Lovely collection of custards, pizzas, freshly baked pastries, etc., that can make you a fan only by their aroma. If you visit in the mornings, make sure you chose the terrace where you have a lovely view and a blazing sun that’s not so harsh.

Off course this is not the end, but this what we could pinpoint for 5 best places to have food in Rome. There are some more you had like to try that include Romeo e Giulietta, which is a romantic Pizza Restaurant what they call as Ristorante. Prosciutteria – Cantina Dei Papi, which is a Tuscan restaurant and Bistrot del Quirino, which is an Italian restaurant can also be marked on your list. These outlets too have a presence at several places and you can do restaurant hoping from your last visited attraction to have more surprise and fun.

Planning is key to not miss out any of the attractions

It isn’t a big deal to have a satisfactory visit to all these attraction and eatery outlets even on a 3-day trip to Rome. It’s all about priorities and planning. Being in Rome, there are some things you just cannot afford to miss and those are the above-mentioned attractions and the eatery outlets.

Make a rough map of the places you plan to cover in a day and circle out area wise area and cover all nearby places so that you don’t have to visit that place again the next day. This type of planning helps in reducing travel costs and time wastage. Also, make it a point to visit far places first and keep the near ones for the last. Your trip to Rome and days in Rome will be extremely fun and busy but if you are bored waiting for cabs, or during transit make sure you try online casinos to win big while on your Rome trip to double the happiness! We wish you a very ‘Happy Journey’ and a ‘Memorable stay at Rome!

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