How to Save Money When Booking Tickets To/From Rome

A visit to The Eternal City doesn’t have to take a big chunk out of anyone’s savings, even those with the best high yield savings accounts. It’s entirely possible to book a trip to Rome and have a great time exploring the city on a budget. The savviest travelers use many tricks to ensure they stretch their money as far as it can go. There are plenty of ways to shave down on the costs of a trip from ways to save on airfare to the cheapest car rentals. Here are some insider tips and tricks to saving money while planning a trip to Rome.

1. Go During the Off-Season

Besides the benefit of avoiding the crowds during peak season, it can also be much cheaper to visit popular destinations during the off-season. Peak season in Italy is usually around June through August, and the off-season is typically from November through March.
Not only will flights be cheaper during the off-peak season, but most accommodation too. Plus a lot of sightseeing can usually be done for a lot less. Big tourist traps tend to have different prices for the off-season, but make sure to check that beforehand as not all of them do.

2. Research the Area to Compare Costs

Accommodation can be heinously expensive in one area but then much cheaper five blocks away. And not because the hotels or B&Bs are any less great, but because they’re a bit off the beaten path. Hotels that are close to popular tourist attractions or other amenities tend to be more expensive. The same goes for hotels that are situated in more affluent areas. It’s easy to see which areas tend to offer cheaper accommodation by looking for hotels or inns on Google Maps or some travel websites. Just keep in mind that transportation costs may rise when choosing places that are a bit out of the way.

3. Book Flights at the Right Time

It’s no secret that flight ticket prices fluctuate depending on which times of the day someone flies. Generally, early morning and late evening flights tend to be cheaper than flights taking off in the middle of the day. Also, plan to fly on less busy days like Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

4. Pretend to be in a Different Location to Save

One big thing that many experienced travelers will agree on is that airlines charge more depending on where a person lives. Online trackers all link data (like location data) to people’s IP addresses , and this allows various entities to make assumptions about their lives. If they think someone can afford a more expensive ticket, then they will jack up the price.

So at this point, the question becomes, “ how do I hide my IP address? ”. VPN tools can help with that as they let people change their IP address to their choosing. That means airlines will have nothing to go on and quote a lower price.

5. Sign up for Airline Newsletters

Airlines often give out special coupons and promotions to their newsletter subscribers. While this may not always be for flights to popular destinations like Rome, it can’t hurt to try.

6. Consider Bundles and Packages

Travel websites offer bundles for travel essentials like airfare, accommodation, and even sightseeing or car rental. This can save significant savings and be coupled with coupons or rewards programs. Many of the major travel websites have loyalty programs that make saving easy.

7. Book Directly With the Airline or Hotel

Travel agents and websites naturally markup the price of deals to take their respective cuts. But sometimes it is possible to go directly to the source, whether it’s the airline, hotel, or rental service.


There are many more ways to score extras and save on costs when traveling abroad, so make sure to keep doing research. Keep in mind that Rome is full of sights and attractions that are free to visit, so having fun in this magnificent city doesn’t have to cost a dime.

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