How To Support Your Hair Salon In Rome

Across Italy and Rome, Italians are rejoicing as they are able to get their hair cut and dyed once again. For something that was taken for granted before the coronavirus lockdown, it has been an amazing feeling simply to get out and do something normal after months of quarantine. So, if you’ve booked an appointment at an English-speaking hairdresser in Rome, then make sure you make their lives and your own as easy as possible by following the haircut rules and regulations:

  • Wear a mask when in the waiting area and when in the chair getting your hair cut or dyed.
  • Ideally, wait outside the hair salon until your appointment can begin.
  • Ensure that your hair stylist is also following the rules by wearing a protective face mask and gloves. Also, watch to see if they sterilize the equipment, and clean the chair and floor where the previous person was getting their attended to.
  • Consider the idea of using semi-permanent or permanent dyes at home with a DIY approach. Check out how you can do it here. If it’s too difficult, then by all means book at appointment at your hairdresser.
  • Don’t expect a free coffee or to browse any magazines, as hair salons will try to restrict the amount of surfaces to be touched and to speed up the process of cutting or dyeing hair. Try to limit chit-chat before, during, and after the appointment as much as possible (although we know most Italians love to talk!).
  • Try to come to the hair salon alone, as bringing a friend, family member, partner, or your child will simply add another person to the salon that doesn’t really need to be there. Make arrangements where possible to have someone else look after your child.
  • Really assess your own health before leaving the house, and if you feel like you could be displaying some typical symptoms of the virus (high temperature, sneezing, coughing, blowing nose, etc.), then cancel the appointment to prevent the possible spread of germs.
  • Expect to pay a little more for your haircut or dye. Salons were hit pretty hard from the lockdown, and will likely raise their prices in order to recoup lost earnings and even to pay for more cleaning equipment. As well, tip hairdressers if you have the means, as they are putting their health on the line to provide you with a service. Pay with card if you can, as this simply prevents having to hand over money that you or others have touched.
  • Ask the hair salon to turn down any loud music so that you don’t have to shout over it! Also, limit any physical interactions such as handshakes, hugs, and cheek kisses (yes, we know Italians love to do this as well!).
  • Check with your hair salon if you need to wash your own hair at home before coming, as some places might like to wash it themselves while others are happy for you to do it.

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