I Grandi Maestri: 100 Years of Leica Photography

i grandi maestri: 100 anni di fotografia leica
Photo by: Christer Strömholm Nana, Place Blanche, Paris 1961

Complesso del Vittoriano celebrates 100 years of Leica

I Grandi Maestri, the photography exhibition celebrating 100 years of Leica photography, has finally arrived in Rome at Complesso del Vittoriano – Ala Brasini. This particular exhibition is focusing for the first time on the images captured by these cameras, and not just on the cameras themselves. The main objective is showing the evolution of photography over the years, the vision that has come to life which was made possible thanks to the various Leica cameras that captured them.

The exhibition is composed of 16 sections which you will find are in chronological order, going from vintage style photography from the earlier cameras to the most recent photographs using the newer, modern technology. More than 350 original prints are on display, along with historical documents, videos about photographers, historical magazines, and more, which take you on the journey of the innovative change, also known as “Ur-Leica”. With so many diverse, international, images, the photographs can be left to interpretation by the viewer themselves.

Photo by: Fred Herzog, Man with bandage, 1968, Courtesy of Equinox Gallery, Vancouver

When the first 35mm camera was introduced, it made a huge change and impact in the world of photography. The birth of the Leica camera was truly something revolutionary which introduced cinema film to the world for the very first time. The camera was more compact, perfect for street photography, which captured real things in urban situations.

Within the collection, you will find black and white images from photographers such as, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, and Elliott Erwitt to colored images from Fred Herzog and Joel Meyerowitz – some of the greatest international photographers who have traveled all over the world to shoot with their preferred camera of choice, the Leica.

i grandi maestri at complesso del vittoriano
Photo by: Jeff Mermelstein, Sidewalk, 1995, © Jeff Mermelstein

The two main goals of this exhibition were to bring together as many original photographs and to show that Leica was and still is a global revolution, with the aim of also introducing as many cultures in the exhibition as possible.

Over the past 100 years of photography, Leica has been a revolutionary brand capturing live, real-world moments in all types of diverse settings, where photography is the main form of communication to tell stories and focus on social issues. The camera is essentially an object to evoke imagination, and this exhibition sure shows it.

Till 18 February 2018

Complesso del Vittoriano

Via San Pietro in Carcere

Mon – Thu 9.30am – 7.30pm, Fri – Sat 9.30am – 10pm, Sunday 9.30am – 8.30pm

Entry fee: €10-12


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