If you hate going to the gym…

Get to know Rome, meet new people and take advantage

of the fun alternatives in this city to stay in shape.

Living in Rome, or even just visiting for a few days, can leave many lasting impressions. And more often than one would hope, those lasting impressions manifest physically in the form of an expanding waistline. The gym is the most obvious option for attempting to do damage control after too many glorious indulgences, but in a city as endlessly beautiful and fascinating as Rome, it can be far more fun to stay fit while engaging with the life and culture of the city and its inhabitants.

Multitasking Sightseeing

Perhaps one of the most popular ways of engaging the body and mind is through physically active tours.

Running: Sightjogging (sightjogging.it) combines tourism and sport by sending a multi-lingual trainer directly to your hotel to take you on a guided run through Rome, based on an itinerary tailored to your age and fitness level.

Bicycles and Motorbikes: If running isn’t your thing, then joining one of the numerous bicycle or motorbike tours on offer is another great option. Bici & Baci offers both (bicibaci.com) and regardless of which you pick, the adrenaline rush alone will be a work out.



Learn to Move Your Body

While in the sultry southern Mediterranean, do like the locals and learn to move your body at Argentine tango, flamenco, salsa, or even belly dance, all of which are quite popular and offered in many locations around the city. Classes are not often taught in English, but it does not much matter as watching and mimicking is usually enough to get by.

Casa Internazionale Delle Donne (casainternazionaledelledonne.org): This all women’s organisation in Trastevere offers a wide range of courses in music, theatre, and dance (including bellydance, tango and flamenco). The beginner Flamenco classes are a particularly good time, with a fun and lively teacher and a lighthearted group of students. Highly recommended!

Argentine Tango (tangoaroma.com): This site lists all the major tango events in Rome, including classes, events, and milongas (organised dances). There is something happening every night of the week, and it is not necessary to already have a partner to take lessons.

Yoga and Pilates (lalberoelamano.it): If you have two left feet and a paralysing fear of public dancing, you can still engage the body in one the many yoga and pilates courses offered around the city. I have tried the Vinyasa flow course at this tiny centre in Trastevere. The teacher speaks English when needed and brings a distinctly Italian attitude to the class. For those who have done yoga in the US, expect a far more relaxed attitude here than back home.

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