Il Birrandaio Beershop


Beer & Bagels in Testaccio

Il Birrandaio is a beer connoisseur’s dream, serving the perfect accompaniment to soak up the fizz: fresh filled bagels. They specialise in two things that are often scarce elsewhere in Rome, a ridiculous variety of unique imported and Italian craft beers and American style bagels with traditional (and utterly delicious) Italian fillings.

When we buzzed ourselves into Il Birrandaio, one of the owners Alessandro was filling the place with the delicious aroma of pan-fried guanciale (pork cheek) from his mamma. That just sums up the place, loving care and quality ingredients. A recent start-up (they began their beer quest in September last year) they go hand in hand with the lively social life that Testaccio provides.

I love the décor too with punk music history books, bright orange walls and cassette tape stereo booming Pink Floyd. This is the perfect place for me as it happens, as I am a newcomer to the malty world of beer drinkers and I needed some help in what to choose. It was a synch for the readily friendly Alessandro who spoiled me with choice. Thanks to him I am now hooked on a gutsy smoked dark beer made locally on a farm in Fiumicino. I then opted for a bouncy bagel with mouth-watering fillings of fried chicory, Parmesan, some of that addictive fried guanciale and beer soaked zucchini. The prices were great too, all making Il Birrandaio a definite new craving.


Via Galvani, 31a (Testaccio)

Opening time

Open Mon-Sat 5pm-12pm

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