4 fun ways to promote your travel agency online


Do you own a travel agency but are struggling to reach the right clients? You need to start promoting your agency online. Using social media and other online tools for your marketing can help you get the word out and gain exposure with your target audience a lot quicker as compared to other promotional strategies. 

Since there is so much competition in the market and the Internet itself is saturated with so much content, your marketing plan for promoting your travel agency online needs to include some unique, creative, and out of the box ideas. That’s the only way you’ll stand out and make a mark with your audience.

So what can you do to show people that your travel agency is the place to contact if they’re looking to plan their next big vacation? Well, there are some things you can try. In this blog post, we cover some of the most effective online strategies for promoting your travel agency online. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Post informative and engaging graphics

People are visual creatures, which means the more graphics and images you have on your promotions, the greater the reach you’ll get online. So use your social media pages to post regular graphics, particularly digital posters, advertising your deals and services. 

For instance, if you have a package for people wanting to travel to the Maldives, create a striking digital poster that sends this message. Add lots of pictures of the Maldives, particularly pictures of people having a good time. Add lots of colors, and a border to make it look visually appealing. Finally, and most importantly, add all the details about the package – the price, what’s included in the package, contact information, and any deadlines and dates people should know about. 

Post your digital posters regularly so that you’re able to maintain consistency in your posts. However, make sure not to over post. You don’t want to spam your followers with posts all the time. Ideally, you should be posting a couple of times a week, and more when you have special deals going on.

If you’re not sure how to create an engaging and professional digital poster, go through PosteryWall’s travel poster templates. You’ll find tons of options here to customize your very own digital poster in minutes.

2. Make encapsulating videos

Video always gets tons of engagement online – much more than any other type of posts, in fact. So use video to increase your exposure online. Here are some ideas for promotional videos that you can make:

  • A nostalgic montage of the last trip you arranged
  • An introduction to your team 
  • A day to day vlog type run through of your most recent trip

You can make and combine multiple clips and put them together directly in Instagram for a quick and effective video for social media.

3. Post customer testimonials

There is no better way to convince people to give your travel agency a try than by showing them what a great experience other people have had with you. After all, people are more likely to trust the word of other customers than they are to trust yours. 

You can ask people who have traveled with you before to either record a video testimonial or send in a written testimonial, narrating their experience with you. Ask them to talk about the quality of your services and the places they visited. Also, ask them to send in some photos of themselves from the trip that you can post along with the testimonial. 

Once you have the content, turn it into a graphic using PosterMyWall by adding the pictures and the text in a colorful font. Or, if it’s a video, you can post it as it is. 

4. Go live on Instagram and Facebook

The live feature on Instagram and Facebook allows you to connect with your audience in real time. And it’s a great way to build engagement and gain exposure for your agency. Here are some things you can do by going live:

  • Answer people’s questions about your pricing, packages, and overall experience
  • Play some fun travel games with your team
  • Tell people about your latest package and how they can avail it
  • Ask people what trips they’d like you to arrange next and get some feedback

Try to go live at least once a week on either platform (ideally choose the one where most of your audience is located) and use this opportunity to find out what your followers would like from you and how you can make it happen for them. 

Final thoughts

Running a travel agency is so much fun – you get to travel to really cool places and facilitate people in their life-changing adventures. However, to make it a real success, you need clients. And going online to find clients is the best way to do it. So use these strategies to gain exposure and build some long lasting relationships.

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