K Party


Ahh the elusive-underground-too-cool-for-school K Party, the weekly/every-other-week fiesta that has rocked the Rome nightlife scene this past year, while still managing to maintain its mysterious allure. The cool thing about K Party is it is ever-changing locale, music, DJ and vibe.

There have been K-Parties in villas outside of Rome, there have been K-parties in tunnel shaped clubs in Magliana, there have been K parties in empty lofts, and in underground speakeasies. While we can’t tell you where the next one will be or when, we can say that the party will go on, and we highly recommend you join in the fun.

Send them an email to get on the guestlist and receive details about upcoming festivities by subscribing to their email list or see their Facebook for details.

kpartyK Party

Secret Locations


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