Katerina Kouzmina

What made you move to Rome and how long have you lived here?

I arrived in Rome  more than ten years ago. After a long engagement I married an Italian man.


Can you tell us a little about what your school does here in Rome?

My school was opened five years ago. This is the only school in Italy that teaches haute couture embroidery so is called Fashion embroidery school. We try to bring young designers to embroidery and handicrafts.

In a single course we explain the design of the embroidery, new materials and the practical realization of embroidery and textile flowers. In addition to this course, we also have the practical course of realization of bags during engraving on leather, fabric flowers, crochet embroidery course, a technique widely used in India. Soon we will organize a new practical course of handmade shoes. We try to create courses that can teach a craft that could become a trade.

How do you see Rome’s style in terms of fashion on the street?

Despite the fact that in Italy you can buy clothing from the best worldwide  brands, I think in Rome prevails comfortable style, jeans and sports shoes.

Who are your favourite Italian labels that still value craftsmanship and quality materials?

I really like Valentino, for me he is unique and unrepeatable. My career began ten years ago when I was taken to work at the embroidery laboratory of this fashion house. All embroidery was done by hand with precious materials. Even now they maintain handmade work in their collections and attention to details.

Many people say Milan is the fashion capital, how does Rome compete in this regard?

Rome is the capital of haute couture, creativity and costume, while Milan is the city for buyers for the productions.

Do you believe Italian women have a distinct style? When you see women out at a formal event in Rome, how can you distinguish an Italian woman from a foreigner based on her attire?

I think that Italian women are extremely elegant in appearance, make-up, colour matching, and accessories, a lot of jewellery or bijoux – all of excellent quality.

For those who are enamored by beautiful clothing, where in Rome would you recommend going to people-watch?

In the centre of Rome you can find all the shops of the best Italian brands and more. Let’s not forget the young designers and craftsmen have their shops in Largo Argentina and Campo dei Fiori where you can find the exclusive collections of clothing and accessories all made in Italy.

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