Care for some Art with that Wine?

Paint and wine classes in Rome with Lauren Lombardo

Art classes with wine glasses

You may have already heard of the “Art and Wine” movement by now, but did you know that Lauren Lombardo was at the very front of this oh-so-popular craze?

For the not-so-artistically-inclined person who enjoys a glass or two of wine, the “Art and Wine” movement is worth a try. For example, Lombardo’s classes are designed to allow for making friends, having an aperitivo, and taking home a lovely souvenir at the end of the class. Guests are not expected to be artists, nor rich, as classes in Trastevere are only 30 euros.

Lombardo currently splits her time between Rome and Naples – arranging wine and paint parties in Naples, Sorrento, and Capri, and teaching art classes in Trastevere every other Monday. Always with wine, of course.

Paint and wine classes in Rome with Lauren Lombardo

Years ago, while working at a bar in Jersey City, she took her first leap of faith and started teaching a Wine and Paint class. Her legacy still lives on today, with classes held multiple times per week and many copycat facilities popping up nearby.

Like many of the English speakers here in Rome, Lombardo always felt drawn to this beautiful country. Her family owned property in Italy, and her frequent visits to the property as a child sparked a lifelong desire to call Italy home.

Of course, things were not always so clear, nor so easy. Lombardo’s teaching style is unique. In fact, her teaching style and sense of humor are so unique that one bar did not want her to work for them. She explains, “I like to teach people that it is okay to make a mistake. In the things they paint, but to also be able to carry out that lesson in everyday life.”

Paint and wine classes in Rome with Lauren Lombardo

Most importantly, Lombardo likes to teach her students how to move forward once a mistake is made while painting. She laughed and said, “I can’t give all my secrets away…” but described the process of correcting a mistake and moving forward, both in painting and in life.

Upon arrival, Lombardo says, “People really don’t know what to do. Most of them have never painted before, so they are really nervous.”

This is the perfect time to order that glass of wine and get relaxed. Next, Lombardo will initiate the class with a joke. Her favorite way to teach is through humor. It’s not just a painting class and not just a boring art history lecture. By the end, students, even first timers – no matter what age – paint masterpieces like real artists! The proof is in the photos.

Lombardo is also available for bachelorette parties, private house parties, and private painting lessons

As for benefits, Lombardo’s painting parties contribute to the “Save the School Exhibition in Rome.”

Address: Alembic AK Bar (Piazza in Piscinula)

Price: 30 Euros


Sign up now for the next class: Monday, October 9th at 7 pm

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  • Those are two of my favorite things! i used to paint, i would love to have a glass of wine with cheese and fruit and crackers .. Yum

  • What a lovely experience – and judging by the photographs the ‘students’ did a pretty good job of their paintings. I prefer to drink a cup of tea when I paint – only so I can concentrate properly… although sometimes I mix my paint water up with my tea and end up dipping my brush in the wrong cup. Ali

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