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Le Panier - Breakfast Delivery Rome

Gourmet Breakfast Delivery Arrives in Rome

Instead of “buon appetito” ringing throughout the Eternal City, pretty soon we’ll be hearing “buon brunch” echoing from the doorways of Roman households, as the first gourmet breakfast/brunch delivery service expands throughout the city.

Le Panier, started by Tommaso De Sanctis and Giovanna de Giglio, is a delivery service that brings pre-ordered breakfast items to your doorstep. The duo’s workshop and breakfast bar is based in Piazza Navona 80, where you’ll find the real life of the business every day from 9am to 11.30am, but also online – where orders can be placed until 12am of the day before delivery or from 8am to 12pm of the same day. The service hour begins at 8am and continues at different time slots of 30 minutes until 12pm.

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Ph. Erica Firpo – http://ericafirpo.com/2017/buongiorno-principessa-le-panier-brings-me-gourmet-breakfast-in-bed/

Traditionally speaking, Italian breakfast is no frills–cappuccino, cornetto, basta–but Le Panier has taken things to the next level, offering an a la carte menu with single items like eggs, yogurts, cereals, fruit, smoothies, salads and drinks. There is also a second menu with combined options that suit a particular theme. Some examples are “The Hangover Menu” with ingredients chosen to combat the effects of a night of too much drinking, as well as the “American Style,” which includes the classic mix of sweet and savory fare that Americans love.

All of their products come solely from local and regional vendors: fruit and veggies are provided by fruttivendolo (fruit seller) Marco at the Campo de’ Fiori market; their bread is baked daily at historical bakery Roscioli; and sweet confections come from Rome-baked patisserie Cristalli di Zucchero, which is known for its extraordinary range of European recipes.

For those with specific food allergies – dairy, gluten, and more,- they also offer dedicated menus.

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At the moment, Le Panier delivers to Rome’s homestays, bed & breakfasts, offices and individual customers in Borgo Pio, Monti, the Jewish Ghetto, Trastevere, and Prati, with plans to cover all of Rome. Breakfast arrives in elegant boxes with a presentation inspired by the fairytale The Little Red Riding Hood, one of de Giglio’s childhood favorites.

Le Panier - Breakfast Delivery Rome

De Sanctis has worked for important starred restaurants, whereas de Giglio brings her experience working as a curator for international art and music events. Together, partners in both business and in life, they have combined their passions for food and art, mixing together high-quality breakfast ingredients, Italian culinary traditions, and aesthetic presentation to bring customers a top notch culinary experience all before noon.

Le Panier - Breakfast Delivery Rome Delivery available daily, 8am–12pm. Orders can be placed until 12am of the day before delivery or from 8am to 12pm of the same day.

+39 393.8327023

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