Le Panier – Gourmet Breakfast (CLOSED)

le panier gourmet breakfast rome

Gourmet Breakfast arrives in Rome’s Piazza Navona

Breakfast lovers, take a deep breath as a little chunk of paradise has just arrived in one of the most famous squares in the world. I’m talking about Le Panier’s all-new breakfast bar in Piazza Navona, 80.

le panier gourmet breakfast rome

Known around the Eternal City for its delicious gourmet breakfast delivery, Le Panier has just opened the breakfast bar we’ve all been waiting for.

Acai bowls, fresh fruits and juices, smoothie bowls, pancakes, cereal, porridge and yummy croissants await you at Le Panier.

le panier gourmet breakfast rome

The food not only tastes exceptional, it looks exceptional too. It’s needless to say the quality of the products is outstanding, serving only fresh organic produce sourced locally. And for those with specific food allergies – dairy, gluten, and more – Le Panier offers dedicated menus.

As you stroll thorough Piazza Navona, don’t forget to treat yourself to a a healthy (but hearty) colazione. The vast menu prepared by chef Tommaso, offering way more than just your typical Roman breakfast, along with Giovanna’s warm personality welcoming you, is definitely a winner. Not only is Le Panier the perfect place to indulge in international breakfast treats, it’s a place where the customer is placed at the center.

le panier gourmet breakfast rome

And if time is an issue and sitting down is too time consuming – no problem – Le Panier offers beautiful packaged boxes to take away and consume on the go!

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If you’ve been tempted by Le Panier’s online delivery menu, but don’t have the time to order breakfast online (and no time to eat at home, find a parking spot and arrive to work on time), Giovanna and Tommaso have been thinking of you.

Whether it’s during the week or on the weekend, don’t miss out on a fabulous breakfast experience in one of the most beautiful piazzas in the world.


Piazza Navona, 80

Opening times

Open everyday (except Tuesday) 8am – 11.30am


393 832 7023




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