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Do you want some cheese and crackers to start? Or are you looking to dig right in? Either way, we must begin this piece by acquainting you with what a Michelin star is. A Michelin star is the hallmark of culinary excellence. Michelin stars are given to restaurants of the highest standard across the globe. They are considered the highest accolade a restaurant can receive.

To earn this, a restaurant must be upto the mark in it’s cooking, ambiance and menu. Since 1900, the Michelin Guide has been published annually and while it was originally intended to help drivers find mechanics and travelers find good hotels and restaurants in a particular country, in the years to follow, the popularity of the scheme spread worldwide.

Lottoland looks at the countries with the most Michelin star restaurants in the following article. But bring your napkin along for the read as you might get hungry just knowing about what these places have to offer.

Which Country Has the Most Michelin Star Restaurants?

When it comes to Michelin stars, many places in Europe take the lead. From France to Italy, the Europeons know how to dine. However, there are other countries which also take part in this race. We’ve listed some of the countries with the most Michelin star restaurants in order of excellence to help you in your search for great food below.

1. France

Given that the Michelin Guide is French in origin, and French cuisine is the foundation of fine-dining itself, having transformed modern cuisine worldwide, it is no wonder that France is the country with the most Michelin Star Restaurants. In the 2020 Michelin Guide, the restaurant Paul Bocuse in Leon was the big news. From the restaurant Les Vagues in to Marcel, France has 628 Michelin stars which is the highest of any country in the world. If you are a food lover, you know you have to pay a visit here sooner or later.

2. Japan

Japan comes in second in this competition with a striking 577 Michelin Starred Restaurants. There are the usual Sushi places such as Sushi Kuwano and Sushi Hashimoto in Tokyo which are well-known for Japanese traditional cuisine to the more finer places such as Tempura Kitenya and Tempura Mizuki in Kyoto. Japan might be second but it still has a range of restaurants to offer those willing to go the extra mile to search them out and try what they have to offer.

3. Italy

Italy comes third in this restaurant race with a total of 374 Michelin-Starred restaurants. From seafood style restaurants like Atlantis-Bel Ami in Ortarno, to those offering modern cuisine such as Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, and to the ones that offer traditional cuisine such as the Roots Trattoria in Scorrano, Italy has a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants to offer to those willing to fine-dine in this beautiful country. The only thing to consider is that some of these restaurants might be a bit heavy on the wallet.

4. Germany

Germany lands fourth with a total of 307 Michelin-Starred restaurants. Many German restaurants are unparalleled in the country-style and home-cooking they have to offer. For instance, Weinhaus Henninger in Kallstadt and Das Oberhaus in Passau are great places to find such cuisines from. However, if you’re looking for something more modern than Zur Post in Odenthal is a great place to try out. There are also various Cafes and market cuisine restaurants for those wanting to try something apart from the types of cuisines mentioned here.

5. United States

Last but certainly not the least in the list of commendable restaurants is the United States of America with a total of 169 Michelin Starred Restaurants. The unique thing about America is that along with offering traditional American cuisine from its own homeland such as at Eugene’s Diner & Bar (a 70’s themed diner), it also has various other options for fine-dining that offer cuisine which is popular in different parts of the world. This includes, for example, the Tarry Lodge in Port Chester which offers Italian American food to the Mediterraneo in The White Plains which, as the name suggests, offers Mediterranean cuisine.

Another spot for Michelin Starred Restaurants – Thailand

Although the above list gives a good idea about the many restaurants with the most Michelin stars worldwide, we feel that Thailand deserves a special mention as the place to get the best Chinese cuisine from. Whether it’s China Kitchen in Chiang Mai to Lee Kitchen in Bangkok, don’t forget this place is something you want to visit if you wish to feast on scrumptious Chinese-style food.

To really explore all the options you have with Michelin-starred restaurants, however, you’d have to go through the Michelin Guide itself which is not only comprehensive but exhaustive overall. It gets updated yearly as the reviews come in. We’ve simply done the task of narrowing down and providing you with a small window into the many wonderful countries and restaurants to start your fine-dining journey from. Happy Dining!

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