The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed

The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed
Telemaco Signorini Il Ponte Vecchio a Firenze Collezione privata

Many previously un-exhibited Macchiaioli artworks on display as Chiostro Del Bramante hosts six month long exhibition.

As with French Impressionism, Macchiaioli art (macchia being the Italian word for mark), began in the 19th Century as a reactionary movement in response to trends and popular tastes in art at the time. The exhibition, which opened at Chiostro del Bramante mid March and runs until September, leads the visitor through the private collections of some of the notable figures in the movement. These include, Cristiano Banti, Diego Martelli, Rinaldo Carnielo, Edoardo Bruno, Gustavo Sforni, Mario Galli and Enrico Checcucci.

The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed

Naturalistic scenes and pastoral imagery dominant the collection, reflecting not only a preoccupation with idyllic country life, but showing the movement’s political ambitions for Italy. Like the Impressionists who inspired them the Macchiaioli sought to steer popular artistic tastes away from the Neoclassical, in favour of the every day. Also, the progressiveness of the movement’s ideological direction can be seen in the bold mark like brush strokes, typical of the style and to be seen throughout the collection. Including paintings for all periods of the artistic movement, the collection reflects a sense of change and progression in the movement itself.

The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed
Vincenzo Cabianca
La filatrice
Collezione privata

Till 4 September 2016

Chiostro del Bramante

Via Arco della Pace, 5.

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-9pm

entry fee €11-13

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