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Many of us come to Italy for the food, some of us for the fashion, others for the culture and plenty for the beauty of the arts. Made in Italy Laboratories is all about celebrating these parts of Italy and providing cultural courses and tours so that foreigners can delve deep into this country and learn about the things that make it world famous.

They offer courses and experiences in a diverse range of categories, including pottery (creation and decoration), glass costume jewelry making, cooking (Roman, Italian or any region or theme you request), painting (watercolours or oil), archeology, photography and even homemade beer tasting and walking in heels!

But these guys don’t just teach, they also accompany you on your journey through Rome, tailoring their services to your desires. You can hire a butler to help you out with all those troublesome details like when your suitcase gets lost and you need to locate certain items fast in a foreign city. You can arrange a personal shopper who knows where all the best buys are hidden in Rome. You can have a private tour guide take you where no other big tourist groups are taken. You can even have your very own nightlife guide so you don’t end up wandering around at night in search of the coolest party only to end up at some cheesy backpacker’s nightclub.

The best thing about this cultural laboratories is that everyone they use is a specialist in that field so you’re always getting expert teaching and advice, rather than getting individuals who are just teachers with no industry experience.

So for any Italophile with a hunger for understanding this country and its rich culture, this is a one-stop shop for art, food, fashion and culture in Italy.

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