Malin, Swedish

How long have you lived in Italy?
Feels like a life time.

Can you describe the worst date you’ve ever had here?
Someone that insisted to have my number in a club, wasn´t as interesting as I was hoping for when I finally met him for a date. Needed to make up a bad excuse to end the night as soon as I could.

And the best date so far?
The date with the Italian guy who has been my boyfriend for five years now.

Do Italians go Dutch or does a gentleman pay for a girl’s meal here?
Gentleman. Even Swedes can be gentlemen, but maybe in other ways than Italians. It´s more common that Swedes pay for themselves, even if they have been together for a long while.

What is the pick-up line you hear most often in Rome?
Guys often want to talk only in English, even though they hear I´m fluent in Italian.

Are the Italians more passionate than Anglosaxons or is this just the stereotype?
The stereotype about the passionate Italians might be just a myth.

Is the dating culture easier than back home or harder?
Would say easier.

Your favourite bar/discoteca to flirt in Rome?
La Maison.

Your favourite restaurant for a dinner date?
Pulcino Ballerino in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo.


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