Mr Doyle

Mr Doyle - smoke barbecue and artisanal beers

Craft Beer & Smoke BBQ

From the culinary enthusiasts who brought you Vinòforum and Birroforum, comes the authentic American style BBQ joint Mr. Doyle. In his travels to the U.S., and “barbecue country,” Emiliano De Venuti learned the key ingredients to authentic BBQ recipes and the best ways to cook and smoke the meat. Through his experiences studying the various forms of barbecue with some of the best smokers and culinary experts, De Venuti opened Mr. Doyle- the place to try this original and unique cuisine in Rome.

You heard right, slow-cooked, wood-smoked barbecue with homemade bbq sauce spiced with jalapenos and habanero peppers harvested by Mr Doyle, exists in Rome and you can have a taste any night. To accompany the tasty pork belly, ribs, pulled pork and smoked turkey sandwiches, Mr. Doyle offers a diverse and ever-changing selection of artisanal beers. The 6 taps, and 1 pump are filled with Italian brews, stouts and lagers that change with the season, and vary in taste to accommodate the barbecue flavors. These guys know what they’re doing, they use high-quality ingredients (bread from Roscioli, artisanal meats) and even serve an artisanal cheesecake if you still have room for dessert.

Although the authentic barbecue and artisanal beers should be reason enough to swing by Mr. Doyle’s, another draw is their monthly Beer tasting and Bourbon Whiskey classes. The kitchen is open late, and they even host live music events, so you can listen to country tunes and while away the night eating bbq and drinking beer.


Via Massaciuccoli, 66 (Quartiere Africano)

Opening time

6:30pm-til late


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  • Thank you Margaux for this! No idea they had a place like this in Rome, look forward to getting my BBQ fix.

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