Nanù Bagel Bar in Prati

Nanů - A Bagel Salad Juice Bar in Rome

A Bagel Salad Juice Bar in Rome

Need a break from pizza? Venture over to Nanù, Prati’s newest artisanal bagel, salad and juice bar. Owners Michela and Alessandro started the place after Michela was inspired by colorful market arrangements of fresh fruits and vegetables during a trip to Israel just a few years ago.

Organic food, personalized service and bright decor create the fun, tastefully modern and healthy atmosphere that sets Nanù apart from the usual array of options around Rome. The menu features a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, all with homemade ingredients, and the local favorite (their specialty): a deliciously marinated pastrami. Every bagel meal includes a salad (make your own from an array of ingredients or simply select one from the refrigerator) and freshly squeezed glass of juice.

And if bagels aren’t your thing, don’t worry–Nanù’s menu is extremely versatile. You can also choose from couscous, fresh soup, yogurt or a sandwich wrap. It’s the perfect place to grab a healthy bite to eat while sightseeing around the eternal city.

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Nanů - A Bagel Salad Juice Bar in Rome

Via Varrone, 2/C (Prati)

Mon-Sat 11am-9pm

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