Nicole, American

How long have you lived in Italy?
Since 2004.

One word to sum up the dating experience in Rome?

How did you meet your Italian husband?
We met at a club in Testaccio while I was vacationing in Rome. There was a private party for La Sapienza students, and my friend and I weaseled our way in. Will Smith’s ‘Welcome to Miami’ was playing in the background (I’m from Miami). It was a sign.

What’s the best date you’ve had together here in Rome?
The best date was really the first day/night we met. After a night of dancing, flirting and thumb wrestling (yes, I said thumb wrestling), he took me on a tour of Rome by night: the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square and to see the beautiful city skyline from atop of the Janiculum Hill. That’s when I really fell in love with Rome.

Do Italians go Dutch or does a gentleman pay for a girl’s meal here?
Depends on the male really. I know plenty that go Dutch but others will spend their last euro on a girl just to impress them.

Did your husband find your approach when you were courting different from Italians’?
Yes. Definitely. He said I was much easier to talk to.

Are the Italians more passionate than Anglosaxons or is this just the stereotype?
They definitely have a way with words and making things sound so much smoother. I know people like to say it’s a stereotype, but every Italian male I’ve encountered always goes out of their way to make you feel extra special.

Your favourite place to spend Saturday or Sunday morning as a couple in Rome?
At our neighborhood bar over breakfast, reading Gazzetta dello Sport and some good Italian gossip magazines!

Your favourite restaurant for a dinner date?
For Italian, it’s definitely Trattoria Vecchia Roma where we always bring friends and guests to have some of the most amazing pasta amatriciana! But we’re sushi fanatics, and eat at our favorite restaurant, Genkai in Montesacro at LEAST once a week.


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