Four hot summer locations for this summer

The first one is probably the more ‘alternate’ one; the POLIGRAFICO ESTIVO is located right on the riverbanks of the Tiber and from the outside it doesn’t look like much, actually it might even look abandoned, but once you step inside you’ll find a sort of amusement park for grownups. The location is entirely outdoors, and it was decorated and designed in a complete ‘street’ manner, there are outdoor tables made out of truck tires, you can play Foosball or ping pong, you can order a barbecue style aperitivo (burgers, chicken, vegetables) and you can even cook your own if you like. There is always a live DJ-Set but there are also live bands. There is even a tattoo tent where, if you wish, you can get your very own tattoo. The place is like none other in Rome because it gets you away from the more posh sort of venues into a more ‘easy’ state of mind. The best nights here are Wednesday or Thursday. The exact address is Lungotevere Dell’Acqua Acetosa 35 (near the Corso Francia bridge). Must RSVP.

The second location is VILLA CELIMONTANA. This beautiful Villa is on the Caelian Hill in Rome, and it is best known for its gardens. The main entrance is near Piazza Della Navicella. The villa was built in the late 1500s and every summer it becomes a location that holds incredible events. The evening starts with the usual aperitivo then as the night goes on a smooth jazz band plays the night away and then a live DJ set keeps going until late. A stunning location to check out if you’re around and also easy to get to since it’s in the centre. The best night here is Thursday. Must RSVP

Our third location is probably my favorite one, known simply as LA VILLA, this place is located on the Fleming Hill and it is a breathtaking estate built in 1908. Back in the day it belonged to a noble family and it was their ‘country home’, 100 years later the country is no longer there as Rome has expanded and now it’s in the middle of the city. The location overlooks a large part of the city, you can even see the Vatican from here. Every night they serve dinner and aperitivo with a live DJ set and they are open till late so that you may dance til dawn. The place truly ticks every box with their great service, class location and good food. The best night here is on Friday. The exact address is Via Alessandro Fleming 55. Must RSVP.

Finally we have another new location that is purely disco: BOSCO DELLE FRAGOLE. This spot is literally in a forest on Monte Mario, the area behind the Rome Olympic Stadium, not the easiest place to reach (must get a taxi) but once you get there you won’t stop dancing as it’s open from midnight to 4.30am. This place will be ‘the spot’ in terms of nightclubs this summer, always with various live DJ sets, it offers great music, good service and the location is entirely outdoors so you can dance under the stars all night long. The best night here is Friday (after La Villa). The exact address is Piazzale Dello Stadio Olimpico 8. Must RSVP.

To RSVP or to get info on the previously mentioned locations, Romeing will hook you up, just call Marc +39.334.253.2673 and tell him you read his article! Cheers!


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