October Nightlife Guide

Shari Vari Playhouse (Club & Lounge)

Via di Torre Argentina, 78 – www.sharivari.it

Shari Vari opened December 2010, known as the ex-SupperClub, today it has become THE spot in Rome’s nightlife, where their goal is satisfying all of their client needs, a true playhouse. The interior design is reminiscent of an American house from the 50’s. The name comes from ‘Sharing & Variety’, born from the same song, sharivari, that represents a new way to party. A restaurant, a cafe, a bistro, a meeting place, a club with the best DJs, great Italian cuisine and impeccable service is what they are known for. Wednesday Hip-Hop night, Thursday Rock-Electro night, Friday & Saturday House/Commercial Club night.

RSVP & INFO: 334.2532673


Room26 (Club)

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 31 (EUR) – room26.it

Room26 has been around for four years now, at first glance you might feel that you are entering a museum. The marble columns and architecture surrounding this club are quite amazing. Once inside you realize the real treasure about this place – the first thing that overwhelms you is the sound system, designed by Steve Dash it is one of the best in Europe. This place is beautifully loud. The only negative is that its outside of the centre so if you’re traveling it might seem a little out of the way. Friday and Saturday are the best nights here with resident DJ Louis Radio.

RSVP & INFO: 392.2553738


Micca Club (Club & Lounge)

Via Pietro Micca, 7a – miccaclub.com

Micca opened its doors in 2006 and since then it has established itself as a reference point in the entertainment industry, offering a retro atmosphere, this place is a container of cultural events ranging from Burlesque shows and variety, to jazz, to vinyl DJ-set. Mondays: Swing night aperitif with DJ Lalla Hop, Tuesday Delicious night with gourmet aperitif, Friday presents the new Drag-queen parties with retro music by DJ Dandy Wolly and Sunday Ode with flea market aperitif.

RSVP & INFO: 06.87440079


Circolo Degli Artisti (Alternative)

Via Casilina Vecchia, 42 – circoloartisti.it

I wouldn’t define the Circolo Degli Artisti as a club like the ones previously mentioned, this place has a much more easy laid-back kind of feel to it, a sort of modern Roman style Woodstock type of environment where you’ll find your live concerts of experimental rock ‘n’ roll from both Italian and foreign entertainers and at the same time a commitment to accommodate the arts. Friday DJ-Set by Loretta with electro, rock and soul music, Saturday offers the ‘Screamadelic’ night with rock, alternative, ska, punk and 80’s music. Often these nights are preceded by live concerts.

INFO: 06.70305684


Vicious (Underground Club)

Via Achille Grandi 7/a – viciousclub.com

Vicious opened its doors last year, it’s one of the best underground clubs in Rome, near the main train station you wont be dazzled by its design or its style, this place is all about going deep into Rome’s after-hours to listen and enjoy some of its most particular music and beats. One Thursday a month is FNSCPS night with indie/garage/punk music, Saturdays are Alchemy night with electro/no-wave/deep techno/indie music

INFO: 06.70614349


Elefunk (private club)

Via degli Acquasparta, 27 – elefunkclub.com

This place used to be a typography back in the 50’s, it then became a radio museum for a while and in 2009 it became what it is today, the house of Funk, Disco, Soul, R&B, R’n’R, Indie rock all accompanied by art exhibitions and film screenings. The place is small compared to all the other locations but once inside you feel as if you’re back in a 1960’s London club.

RSVP & INFO: 338.2367120


Jerry Thomas Speakeasy (private club)

Vicolo Cellini, 30 – thejerrythomasproject.it

Just as the name suggests this is a real speakeasy, everything inside is 1920’s/1930’s from the decorations to the bartenders to, more importantly, the drinks. The Jerry Thomas speakeasy opened in 2010 in the heart of historic Rome, in a seventeenth-century building. The care in the selection of the best beverage products on the market, meticulous preparation of syrups, infusions, bitters, macerated, cocktails and spirits aged in wood and glass, makes this Speakeasy a benchmark in quality and passion in the world of Mixology. To enter this place we suggest looking up the site, you also need a password that changes every month.

INFO: 06.96845937


Residenza di Ripetta (Lounge Garden)

Via Ripetta, 231

A few steps from the very central Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, Rome reveals one of its most beautiful secrets: the Ripetta Residence, an oasis located in one of the most famous ex-convents of the capital, an imposing 17th-century structure built around a lush courtyard. In 2012 they will offer an aperitif every night, a perfect spot to bring that special someone if you’re visiting Roma and want to experience ‘la dolce vita’. The best nights will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

INFO: 334.2532673

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