Park Eun Sun at Mercati di Traiano

Park Eun Sun at Mercati di Traiano

From September 27 to November 30, 2014 on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the  bilateral relations between Italy and South Korea commemorating the pact of  friendship, commerce and navigation signed on 26th June 1884 by the Kingdoms of Joseon and Italy, the Trajan Markets –  Imperial Forum Museums present a major exhibition dedicated to Korean sculptor Park Eun Sun curated by Gabriele Simongini. Born in 1965, Park Eun Sun, one of the most famous sculptors in South Korea, has lived and worked in Italy at  Pietrasanta for twenty-two years. During the  exhibition at the Trajan Markets,sponsored by the Embassy of the Korean Republic and realized in Italy by the Copernico Studio  in Milan, the artist will exhibit 13 large sculptures, some of which were created, ‘site-specific’,  ​​for the occasion.

The most impressive of these sculptures  is “Accrescimento – colonna infinita III”, which is seven meters high. One of the focal points and assets of the exhibition will be the comparison-dialogue of the column motif in the short circuit between Roman columns and the ones carved by  Park with the hybridization of different traditions (from the ancient stone towers of Korean Buddhist temples, to  Roman and Romanesque architecture, up to the legacy of Constantin Brancusi).

The contemporary junction originating from these two ancient civilizations assumes a concrete form both in the sculptures of Park Eun Sun, a Korean transplanted in Italy, as well as in the exhibition Le chiavi di Roma. La città di Augusto(“The keys of Rome. The city of Augustus”) at the Trajan Markets, where the celebration of the two thousandth anniversary of the first Roman Emperor’s death  has been sponsored by the advanced technologies of Samsung, the brand associated with Korean economic power throughout the world. «My sculptures must be placed in this impressive environment with respect  – says the artist – thus complying with and emphasizing  the beauty of its architectural and spatial rhythms that, from time to time, expands with a horizontal or vertical course. Mine is a sort of  devoted offering to  this magnificent and powerful scenario».

As Simongini notes in the catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale:  « in Park’s exhibition, East and West, Korean tradition and Italian civilization do not simply establish an ephemeral dialogue but, rather,  converge reciprocally by intertwining and interbreeding  in order to create a new cultural  organism that is neither local, global, nor even “glocal”, but which, instead has become a new possible model able to link different civilizations on equal terms.

In  his abstract works the well-organized duality of new junctions is clearly visible in  both the  two-colour surface (granite red and black, white and gray marble, etc.) as well as in the organic fruitful  grafting of apparently incompatible   solids (cubes and spheres, for example).


Park Eun Sun at Mercati di TraianoMercati e Foro di Traiano
Via IV Novembre 94 – 00187 Roma

September 24, 2014 – November 30, 2014
Tuesday-Sunday: 9am – 7pm

From September 24, 2014,  museum + exhibitions (“Le chiavi di Roma. La città di Augusto 24.9.14-10.5.15″ – “Digital Museum Expo 24-28.914” – “Park Eun Sun. Innesti e Connessioni 27.9-30.11.14″) combined ticket:
– Adults: € 14,00;
– Concessions: € 12,00;
Roman Citizens only :
 – Adults: € 12,00;
– Concessions: € 10,00

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