Percorsi – Hamburgers and Cocktails in Trastevere (CLOSED)

Percorsi hamburger_gourmet_roma_trastevere

A destination for lovers of food (burgers), travel and discovery, Percorsi offers a unique experience in Rome Trastevere with a food and drink journey perfectly matched to take you on a sensory holiday. The ambiance is old meets new with vintage art, maps, books, furniture and lighting paired with modern design. The menu is innovative and intriguing, encouraging patrons to try something classic with a modern twist: familiar flavors in unfamiliar ways.

Staff members are avid travelers and the evening begins by traveling with a cocktail. The cocktail list takes you on a journey to New York to London. Creativity and entertainment are blended in each in a drink: the Alice in Wonderland cocktail is served with perfume bottles and tea cups, and their Mad Hatter’s cocktail has a second reference to the Mad Hatter’s tea party- let’s all fall down the rabbit hole.


Percorsi hamburger_gourmet_roma_trastevere

The menu offers various “percorsi” which combine delicious hamburgers with a perfectly matching cocktail. Try the “Toscano“, a Chianina cow meat hamburger, with a Basil Gin Fizz or the Veggie Burger with a Tom Collins.

Their new improved cocktail list takes you through a drink journey, from the chocolate negroni (Gin Beefeter, Campari, Cocoa Infused Vermouth Cocchi, Cocoa Liqueur) to the Smoked Oak (Cognac Corvoisier VS Oak and Lagavulin syrup, Angostura, Cinnamon Smoking), till the Jacques (Gin Hendrick’s, St.Germain, Elderflowers cordial, Grape fruit juice, Mint).

There is also gluten free, non-alcoholic options as well as live music nights but make sure to book in advance.



Via della Luce, 3/a (Trastevere)

Opening time

Open Thur-Sun from 7pm until 2am


328 359 3801 – 06.58333500 from 5pm

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