Pollock and the New York School

Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Pollack, Jackson

It seems that Pollock and friends threw a big party in Rome

I do not always get goosebumps when I enter a museum. But when I do, it is because art gets into my veins and does not want to leave my body ever again. Even though this joke is not funny, believe me, right now something really special is happening in ROME! It turns out that the “art dudes” like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and many other representatives of the New York School came to Rome. They came to this city with all the energy and breaking character that made them eternal and unforgettable. The exhibition “Pollock e la scuola di New York” is taking place at Museo Vittoriano and is open till May 5.

Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Pollock, Jackson
Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Gorky, Arshile
Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Rothko, Mark

Pollock was eighteen when in 1930 he arrived to New York from California and began to imbibe the influences of Thomas Hart Benton, who was his teacher at the Art Students League, and the Mexican muralists. Pollock’s method consisted of flinging and dripping thinned enamel paint onto an unstretched canvas laid on the floor of his studio. “I hardly ever stretch the canvas before painting.” – said Jackson Pollock once. So here we are – discussing dripping as an act of true art. This direct, physical engagement with his materials welcomed gravity, velocity, and improvisation into the artistic process, and allowed line and color to stand alone, functioning entirely independently of form. Dripping, or let me say – drawing in the air above the canvas – freed him from, among other things, himself.

Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Krasner, Lee

The exhibition “Pollock e la scuola di New York” is a wonderful, colourful journey that will bring you back to New York. Anti-conformism, psychological introspection and experimentation are the three guidelines that accompany the spectator of the POLLOCK exhibition and the New York School. Through about 50 masterpieces – including the famous “Number 27”, which is the feat of a fantastic talent. For those who did not know, Pollock’s “Number 27” is a large canvas (1950), four by nine feet, which orients the threads to the left and right edges, rather than to the top and bottom. It became iconic because of the balance between the brushstrokes of black and the fusion of the clearest colors – vivid colors, harmony of shapes, subjects and abstract representations immerse observers in a magnificent artistic context: abstract expressionism.

Pollock and the New York School Exhibition
Pollock, Jackson

The exhibition is produced and organized by the Arthemisia Group in collaboration with The Whitney Museum of America Art, New York and curated by David Breslin and Carrie Springer with Luca Beatrice.

Even if Pollock was always Pollock, to experience Pollock in Rome – is another thing. Do not ignore the exhibition – just go there and get the goosebumps.


Complesso del Vittoriano

Via San Pietro in Carcere (Piazza Venezia)

Till 5 May 2019

Opening hours:

Mon–Thurs 9.30am–7.30 pm; Fri –Sat, 9.30 am–10 pm; Sun 9.30am – 8.30pm

Entry fee: €13-15

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