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For most people a pub is a place where you can consume beer, sit on stools, watch a soccer match, hang out with friends and fill up your stomach with snacks. In this world there are plenty of pubs like this. However, dear reader, let me tell you a story about her majesty Queen Makeda, at Rome’s Aventino Neighbourhood.


Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to visit the brand new “Grand Pub Queen Makeda.”
I remember opening the glass doors, and catching sight of the amazing industrial interior design. Architects Roberto Mosciatti and Rafaella Mirante have decorated the Queen Makeda in a raw, minimalist style with concrete walls, iron beams and graphic art. But what sets this pub apart from the rest? The menu! And, of course, the beer!


You can quench your thirst with a selection of over 40 craft beers, including blanche, lager, weizen, ipa, stout, and barley wine. Each brew costs 5 Euro, including their signature beer, the Makeda.

If the rare and curated selection of beer is any indication of Queen Makeda’s international influence, the food menu is equally as diverse. Chef Marco Infante (a man with vast experience and a passion for ethnic cuisine) will offer you completely different menu than any other pub.


Try the Smørrebrød, a typical Danish dish that consists of rye bread topped with a thin layer of butter and carpaccio of smoked fish, or meat. Or sample the wok, a spaghetti dish with clams, lime, ginger and coriander. Other specialties include ramen, soups, roasters (delicious glazed pork ribs), burgers, meats (such as Hungarian Goulash), sandwiches and desserts. You can also taste all the delicacies in three different sizes (small €2-medium €4-big €7) on their stylish kaiten.



On Sundays, Queen Makeda expands their international cuisine to include typical British dishes to their brunch.

Eating and drinking takes on another meaning at the Grand Pub Queen Makeda, where a meal can be an interesting journey through the flavors of the East to West. Are you ready? Start your journey now. Bon Voyage!

11, 00154 Roma, Italia


Via di San Saba, 11 (Aventino)

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