Ristorante L’Antico Moro

Antico Moro Restaurant in Trastevere

Osteria in Trastevere

This characteristic Osteria at the heart of Trastevere combines traditional cooking with culinary creativity. The Di Donna family uses fresh, seasonal produce of the highest quality, serving honest Roman cooking.

Antico Moro Restaurant in Trastevere

The parmigiana di melanzane is a sight to behold, topped with crumbly flakes of parmigiano and fresh basil leaves, while the chef Gragnano’s spaghetti alla carbonara is considered to be one of the finest by Italian critics. Keeping authenticity as their main focus, the pasta amatriciana stays true to its roots. The bacon comes from the small town of Amatrice, where the meat is left to mature for at least 12 months. It can be difficult for vegetarians to find anything other than a cacio e pepe primo, but at Antico Moro you can taste the homemade strozzaprete (pasta twists with a subtle bite) with eggplant, provola and cherry tomatoes.

There is a vast selection of main courses, from the infamous abbacchio (lamb chops) to saltimbocca alla romana. Be sure to try Roman broccoli, a staple of the capital’s cuisine, served as a side or with sausages from Amatrice. L’Antico Moro pride themselves on their seafood, serving delicacies from tuna carpaccio to linguine with mussels, cheese and pine nuts. Don’t miss the fresh fish from the Lazio coast that come grilled, baked or stewed. Last, but not least are the homemade dolci, and the chocolate torta with almonds comes highly recommended. Or for a typical dessert favored by southerners, tuck into a crostata with homemade jam.

Loved by tourists and locals alike, L’Antico Moro will give you a taste of real Rome at an affordable price.


Via del Moro, 61 (Trastevere)

Opening time

Everyday 12pm-3pm/6.30pm-11pm




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